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    Feb 28, 2013
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    Short version of my application:
    Academic -
    ACT - 33 Composite, 34 Math, 33 English
    SAT - 2230 Total, 700 Math, 760 Reading
    GPA - 3.93 Unweighted, 4.67 Weighted
    Currently taking Calculus 3, AP Literature, and Honors Physics
    In National Honor Society, National Merit Commended Scholar, AP Scholar with honor (Including 5 on AP Calc BC and AP Lang and Comp), soon to graduate Summa Cum Laude.
    Extracurricular -
    Petty Officer 1st Class in United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps
    Several years of Judo (started before high school) at local club
    Member of a Church youth group

    And of course I already have a Congressional Nomination, I am medically qualified, and I finished B&G interview.

    Now here's where the biggest problem comes in:
    Candidate Fitness Assessment (taken while recovering from a gastro/cardio disease)
    BB Throw - 45ft
    Pull-ups - 14
    Shuttle Run - 8.2s
    Crunches - 86
    Push-ups - 55
    Mile Run - 7:50

    Now I don't claim to be the most fit teen ever, most of my scores are in the average to below average range, but 7 minutes and 50 seconds is downright atrocious. My question, in short, is whether this one particular red flag on my application is bad enough to shoot down the rest of it?
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    Sorry. I misread your post. I thought this might be a DoDMERB question too.
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    I've been doing Judo for years too! But back to the topic, your scores are passing. So I would not worry about them that much as the rest of your package looks great! The CFA is not a giant percentage of your app, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. chiromed0

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    I guess it all comes down to your B&G officer's recommendations but you look good to me. Our DS is a 2016 plebe and didn't have your GPA or other creds. He had his own package to present but it looks like you've done everything you can. In reality, I don't think your CFA looks that bad, sure you could run faster but think about all the football players at the academy that can't do what you've done! Is your nom a principal nom? If so, I don't think you need to worry, if not you'll be in the mix if there are additional slots.

    Good luck and don't worry. You did a great job...just keep moving forward.
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    It's unlikely to come down to that. Seriously. Your BGO rec is one part of the determination of whether you're scholastically qualified. Your CFA scores go to your physical qualification. What could help you here is a strong athletic background in school. You didn't mention that. If you play sports (especially varsity and especially those that involve a lot of running), your CFA may not "count" as heavily as if you don't do sports.

    A 7:50 isn't terrific for a guy but may not be the end of the world. You can check with your RD . . . however, it is a SUPER busy time for them right now so don't be surprised if he/she doesn't get back to you in an instant.
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    Looks Good Overall

    If I look at your profile and CFA - you compare fairly closely with my DS who received a USMA appointment this week. Your GPA is higher but his test scores and yours are nearly identical. His mile run was faster however other CFA scores on par. As previously stated it is "pass/fail" and only contributes nominally if you max it out.

    What I don't see in your profile, that was in my DS' profile, is participation and Varsity letters in high school sports. Did you overlook including those? Otherwise I would say you look "competitive."
  7. sandnnw

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    Your academics seem very impressive.

    I agree with above, if you are a principle nom, should already have received an LOA.

    Only issues I see are organized sports and extra-curricular. Besides Judo and church, do you work? Volunteer your time or work with community groups? I'm sure there must be more with your church and Navy Sea Corps and if you quantified this, should be no problem.

    Best of luck!

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