CFA Question


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Nov 2, 2017
I am scheduled to take my CFA on the 10th. However, after browsing through SAF I've seen that some candidates mention deadlines. I was wondering if there was a specific deadline for the CFA? It's my final part of the application, aside from receiving a nomination, so I want to make sure I didn't miss any specific deadline dates.
If you don't have an LOA, then your CFA deadline is not until the deadline for the application--only candidates with reserved cadetships are obligated to complete things early. Otherwise, they forfeit their spot. However, I recommend completing the CFA ASAP (which it looks like you're doing). Drink pre-workout beforehand, but not too much, make sure you've performed timed practices, and that someone is taking the videos you need according to the correct instructions so that those don't become an issue later.

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Let me correct some of the things I said for clarification's sake.

Even if you have an LOA, you don't HAVE to complete the CFA... it's just something that would be strongly advisable to keep the LOA in place since they have expiration dates which are usually between 45-60 days and typically April for medical Q.
Above I said "reserved cadetships," and those don't exactly exist. An LOA is a contingent appointment, but an LOA does not mean you will get appointed for sure. It's an ASSURANCE (which is why its long name is Letter of Assurance). Even if you're appointed, you can get your appointment taken away, which doesn't happen often (it could happen if you get arrested or in trouble or start tanking your grades, among other things).

I don't want to accidentally mislead you with my wording, as military jargon is confusing to me at this point in time and somebody thankfully pointed that out to me.