1. R

    Injury in Preparing for CFA

    I stubbed my finger really bad practicing basketball throw. Minor avulsion fracture putting me out for 3-4 weeks. Just my luck that my deadline is Nov 1st. Should I wait it out and see or reach out to admissions staff and ask for an extension on the CFA? Do they even offer extensions...
  2. C

    CFA and LOA

    I received an LOA for West Point around a month ago, and am afraid I'm going to fail the CFA. I'm taking it this Thursday, and have to submit it by 10/15/23. If I send the results on the day I take it or very soon after, if I fail will my LOA be rescinded? I've heard it takes a while for them to...
  3. B

    Candidate Fitness Assessment

    Hello! I completed my CFA today. I worry that I did not pass due largely to my poor basketball throw and shuttle run performances. I am a female. I have very strong academics and extracurriculars. Is my CFA good enough to consider me athletically qualified? Basketball throw- 36.3 ft Pull ups- 4...
  4. BeastHunter

    Can an NCO administer my CFA

    Hello, I am a college freshman who is applying to USAFA, and I am part of AFROTC. I was wondering if I am allowed to have an NCO (T/Sgt) member of my cadre administer my CFA for me, a commissioned officer, or would I have to go back to my high school to have my senior year gym teacher...
  5. F

    CFA Shuttle Run

    I have a question regarding the shuttle run for the CFA since I am finding different information online. I thought that the CFA was consistent between all of the military academies. When looking at the shuttle run, is this also true? How far is the shuttle run? I have found differing information...
  6. U

    Is retaking the CFA worth it?

    Hey everyone! As of 2/26/2023 I have a green qualified box in my USNA application saying that I passed the CFA from the summer seminar CFA. I thought I underperformed by a bit while I was there. Is it worth retaking the CFA and aim to get a higher score? Or should I just leave it as it is since...
  7. S

    Is this a good sign?

    My CFA scores turned green into "On File and passed" and my DodMERB also became "Qualified" on the 24th of last month. I have also secured my nomination from the local US embassy. It's definetely not a guarantee, but it's a sign of good things to come, right?
  8. cyclicredundancy

    CFA Administrator, same as last year?

    Hello, after getting turned down to the class of 27 I have started to gear up for next year's offensive and reapply to USNA. I am waiting to hear back from my NROTC scholarship (anyone know when the heck that comes out? Already April 17th) and I have a backup school in place. I am aware I have...
  9. V

    Pull-ups for CFA

    Hello! I recently received acceptance to NASS and quickly realized this meant taking the CFA in about 3 months. I know I'm eligible to do a flexed arm hang, but understand that 1 pull up is better than the full 30-31 seconds. Any tips for what to do to prepare/routines that are useful? I have...
  10. V

    Is this a failing score for CFA? (male)

    52ft Basketball throw 8 pull ups 9.31s shuttle run 55 sit ups 43 push ups 7.08 min. mile run Should I retake this or is this ok to turn in? Thank you.
  11. U

    Energy Boost before CFA?

    Something that just came to my mind.. Are you allowed to drink pre workout, energy boost drinks, coffee, etc right before the CFA in order to increase the energy you have to do it without being completely winded? Are there are rules against it?
  12. I

    Are these CFA scores good enough for Westpoint?

    I took the CFA these are my scores: BB Throw: 71 Pull-Ups: 10 Shuttle Run: 9.8 Situps: 66 Pushups: 43 Mile: 6:53
  13. Long-Shot

    CFA rejected. Where should I improve most?

    Hello all. I am a 17 year old male and I've taken my CFA twice, rejected both times. This recent one was rejected even after I improved quite a bit from my original. Does anyone know where I need to improve most? Scores (this is the second score, my most recent one) B-Ball Throw: 42-43 ft...
  14. J

    CFA Scores Pass or Fail?

    Hey guys, I just took the fitness test today, and these are my scores (I am a male) : 58ft basketball (I have no idea what happened, I never practiced it properly) 14 pullups 8.66 shuttle 64 situps 41 pushups 7:30 mile I compared these to the averages on the West Point website and the only...
  15. N

    Acceptable CFA Score?

    Hey y'all - I just took my CFA, and am very anxious about whether or not I passed (mostly my mile time). I am a male. I'll post my scores below, and if anyone has access to the score calculator or any personal experience with their scores I would greatly appreciate it: 62.3 foot basketball...
  16. A

    CFA Score

    Hello, I am wondering if y’all think I will pass my CFA with these scores. I understand it is impossible to know, but I received a LOA to West Point and the last thing I am waiting on is a pass or fail for my CFA. Based on general knowledge of what scores pass, do I have any reason to worry? My...
  17. N

    Acceptable CFA Score

    Hey all - I have been training for the CFA for a few months now, and just took my final practice test before the actual administration next week. These are my scores, and I was wondering if you guys think they would be accepted or not (I am a male): Pullups: 9 Basketball Throw: 68 Shuttle run...
  18. A

    Failed First CFA- Offered Retake, Now What?

    Hello. The title says it all. I took the CFA today and failed it, I assume, because they sent me an email saying they want me to retake it in 30 days. I’m not sure what to do, because they don’t give minimums. My run was bad, but all my other scores were decent, or so I thought. Do they offer...
  19. G

    CFA Scores

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I did a practice CFA, and I got the following scores: BB Throw: 70' Pull-ups: 15 Shuttle Run: 8.51 Sit-ups: 90 Push-Ups: 62 Mile: 6:47 I'm taking my real CFA tomorrow and I'm wondering, if I get those scores again, should I submit them? Does my performance on sit-ups...
  20. B

    Question about CFA

    I know that the CFA is a pass/fail basis, but I don't have a varsity sport so I may have to get a higher score than just passing to show USMA I have the physical capabilities. I know that playing a varsity sport is a huge part of the application because it shows teamwork, dedication and...