1. L

    CFA Help

    Ive been trying for months to improve upon my time and reps to prepare for the CFA, and I havent had much luck. Does anybody have any tips or even workout routines that I can try out. Anything helps.
  2. M

    CFA Workout Ideas/Routines

    Hello everyone. I am going to be a sophomore next year in high school and I just had some questions regarding the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA). I have always been interested in going to the Naval Academy, probably since 8th grade. I have a pretty strong academic background, but I...
  3. F


    Hi, does anyone know if you can take your CFA with other people? Currently there are two others that I know of who wish to apply to USAFA. All of us know each other and run on our XC and track team. All of us are highly competitive people so if we could do it together it would be more for...
  4. N

    CFA Mile Run

    Hello, my name is **REMOVED** and I am a reapplicant applying to be in the USNA or USAFA Class of 2024. I am currently at Georgia Tech doing Army ROTC. I am posting this thread because of my desperation over the mile run on the CFA. I was recently asked to retake the CFA because of my mile time...
  5. M

    Female CFA Score

    My application for the Class of 2024 is complete, but I am deciding whether or not I should retake my CFA. Below are my scores. I am a female. Basketball Throw: 45' Pull-Ups: 7 Shuttle Run: 8.24 Sit-Ups: 61 Push-Ups: 38 Mile Run: 8:25
  6. A

    ALO Interview Through FaceTime/Skype and CFA questions.

    Hello, I assume these questions have been asked quite frequently; however, it would be great to get all of the info in one thread. I will be doing my ALO interview on Tuesday, as well as my Candidate Fitness Assessment on Monday. I am wondering how much the CFA will be taken into account for...
  7. S

    CFA Score

    Hi, I just took my CFA test today and am debating on retaking it based on my push-up and sit-up score. Do you think it would be worth it? I scored the following: 67 B-Ball Throw 15 Pull-Ups 65 Sit-Ups 40 Pushups 8.82 Shuttle Run 5:20 Mile
  8. 2

    How to tell if I passed the CFA?

    I completed the CFA and uploaded the scores. On the portal next to the CFA block is the date I took the CFA. How do I know if I passed the CFA? Or will I never know?
  9. A

    USMA CFA Score Requests

    Hello, I am currently applying to USMA, USNA, and USAFA for the class of 2024. In the CFA portion of USMA's application portal, it says that if I have already taken the test, I can request the scores from either USNA or USAFA. Does this mean that I can do the CFA for USNA or USAFA, and then...
  10. 3

    is this allowed for cfa??

    So I completed my cfa but for the pull ups when I went down my arms were mostly extended but not absolutely completely like there was still an angle. my gym teacher who has done a number of cfa's counted it. do you think I should retake it?
  11. S

    CFA Question

    After reading through several CFA discussions, I've gathered that one should strive to beat the averages (or better yet max) on each section. However, I have not been able to find a lot of examples of scores which have passed. In your opinion, based off of your test, your DS test, or from what...
  12. S

    Are CFA Standards the same throughout the Service Academies?

    When I went to the Naval Academy summer seminar I took a CFA and passed it. My naval academy application is finished and submitted. For my West Point Application I have the opportunity to request the CFA scores from the Naval Academy. Since I passed the CFA for the Naval Academy is that also a...
  13. A

    CFA Attempt

    Took my first official CFA today. The nerves got to me a bit. A week ago I took a mock CFA and got a 50ft basketball throw, a 9 second shuttle run, 14 pullups, 95 situps, 70 pushups and a 6 minute run. Today for the official CFA it was much warmer and much later in the day (after school as...
  14. 2

    How much does athletics play a part in admission?

    I've been interested in applying at USAFA, but I don't play any sports other than my school's rifle team (I have lettered in rifle). I just don't have the time to join another sport. Being appointed would be absolutely amazing, and I'm wondering if I can make up for this with my CFA scores...
  15. S

    Can I get rejected before retaking CFA?

    I am taking my CFA on Wednesday. I'm scoring pretty average in the events, and I would like to continue to improve and practice over the fall to retake it before deadline. However, as my application is almost complete and because the board does a rolling admissions process, I'm worried I could...
  16. P

    Any tips on what I should work to improve on?

    GPA - 3.9/4.33 (Taken or will take "hard" AP's before graduation such as Chem, Physics 1, Physics C, Calculus, Psych, United States History, Environmental Science, Human Geography) Act - 33 super score (32 Math/English/Reading, 35 Science, 8 writing) Wrestling JV - 10th grade V- 11th, 12th...
  17. S


    I am a male applying to the USNA class of 2024 and I passed my CFA, but I am wondering what that means, why is it just pass or fail? I am still training to improve my score, I am a bit concerned that passing isn't enough for the CFA.
  18. C

    Struggling with athletics participation

    Hey all, USMA Class of 2024 applicant here. I’ve been looking at the WCS scores and percent composition of the application, and I saw that athletics is worth 10%. I am a physically fit person and expect to do well on the CFA, since I’ve looked at the average and maximum scores. However, my...
  19. R

    Required Documents - CFA Date

    Hi there - I'm really new here and thank you for all of your wisdom. I have learned a lot from reading numerous posts the past few days. Pardon me if this has been asked before but I cannot seem to find the answer on any thread I have searched. If a date appears next to the CFA on the required...
  20. Therese_In_Denver

    CFA Question--NASS and SLE

    DS just texted his Session 2 SLE score 622 and "No Risk" email. He does not know what his score was at NASS last week, but several components were a little better. He didn't know to ask NASS squad leader to video his pushups and pullups because we didn't learn about that until middle of last...