1. G

    How can I improve for the CFA? Do you think I can make it?

    Hi guys, how can I improve for the CFA? Do you think I can make it? I Will do the CFA in 3/4 months and this are my current scores: Bball throw - 70 ft Pullups - 7 Shuttle - 9 Sit-ups - 45 Push-ups - 30 1 mile - 10:40 I know it's not great but I started 1 week ago and I'm working hard 5 days a...
  2. K

    Should I submit this CFA?

    Hello! I'm new to the forums here, so please excuse me/let me know if I make any errors throughout this post. I took my first attempt at the CFA today, and my coach said that he can submit it if I'd like, or count it as a practice, because I had planned to also do it on Jan. 4th. I had assumed...
  3. F

    Does the check mark mean my scores were accepted?

    I took the CFA yesterday and I'm eager to find out if my scores were accepted. This is what I see in the portal. Does the fact that it says received and processed mean my scores were accepted?
  4. S

    I think I'm going to fail my CFA. Any advice?

    I only started looking at the West Point process in October. I had never really thought about it, but a school counselor recommended the school to me after hearing I was going into the Army. I have never been a physically fit individual. In middle school, I was clinically obese. I've made a lot...
  5. K

    CFA Results

    I am a female, and I just took the CFA for the first time today. My scores are as follows: B-ball throw: 42 feet Flexed arm hang: 32 seconds Shuttle run: 10.9 seconds Sit-ups: 54 Push ups: 36 Mile run: 8:31 I did plug my numbers into the online calculator, and it said that I passed...
  6. F

    CFA scores & retake

    Hello all, I just took my CFA over the weekend and got notified to retake it. Here's the scores from last time: Basketball throw: 42, 41, 43 Pull ups: 5 Shuttle Run: 9.83, 10.15 Sit ups: 49 Pushups: 38 Mile: 7:30 For reference, I'm a male so I know these scores are on the lower end. I have till...
  7. N

    Wondering about CFA Scores

    I took the CFA this past Monday, and these were my scores: 69’ basketball throw 4 pullups 9 second shuttle run 87 situps 51 pushups 7:16 mile I’m under the Nov 1 deadline so I have submitted these scores, I’m not sure if they are passing (would have loved to have done better on pull-ups...
  8. N

    Choosing Between 2 CFA Results

    CFA 1: 71ft basketball throw 82 sit-ups 58 push-ups CFA 2: 79ft basketball throw 76 sit-ups 63 push-ups Takeaways: I took the CFA twice and wanted some advice on which score I should go with. I improved my basketball throw by 8 feet and push-ups by 5 reps on the second attempt, but I lost 6...
  9. BBF2003

    CFA Processed?

    Hello again everyone, I had a question regarding my CFA submission. My CFA administrator submitted my scores a day after I took the test (test taken the 24th, submitted on the 25th). Attached below I have a picture of what my portal is showing for the CFA. Does this mean that I passed; it's...
  10. FØB Zero

    USMA & USAFA Sam Fitness Standards?

    My CFA results were accepted by USMA. One section (B.B. throw) is below average quite a it, but apparently it passed for West Point. Should I also forward these scores to USAFA? (As in USAFA has same minimum). Or retake to be safe?
  11. APCalc

    Is there any indication on how much a CFA is weighted?

    👋 Hi Service Academy Forum, I'm a prospective midn. in CA with a bad -- almost horrid -- CFA. Like, my scores are barely passing anecdotal minimums I've seen for pullups, crunches, pushups, and the 1MR. However, I feel like I have an okay application to balance it: - 1590 SAT and 4.0 - founder...
  12. Y

    Can LOA be revoked based on CFA?

    Hello, I have recently received an LOA for USMA not too long ago, but still, something troubles me. So for context, I only have my statements, nomination, medical qualification, and CFA scores left on my application for me to input. The only part that I am slightly worried about is the CFA. I...
  13. T

    Congressional Appointments & CFA Deadline

    I only recently found out about USAFA halfway through my first college semester, but I already know this is where I have to go. I have a lot of work to do so I can perform well on the CFA, and I know that congressional appointment deadlines are approaching. My questions are if I should wait...
  14. M

    USNA CFA Scores

    Think I can pass the USNA CFA with the following scores? I am a male. BB Throw: 67 ft Pull-ups: 9 Shuttle: 9.1 seconds Sit-ups: 72 Push-ups: 54 Mile: 6:43 Thanks.
  15. T

    CFA Help

    Out of the 3 areas - academic, leadership, and physical - my physical component needs the most work. I am not out of shape by any stretch of the imagination, but from looking at the goal scores that USAFA has posted on their website, I need a little more work I need to do. What did you guys do...
  16. MrSTOCK

    Presidential Nomination Timeline/Chances

    I got my Presidential (service connected) Nomination roughly in August, and I have completed most of my packet, except for the candidate statements, the CFA, and my medical exam. I took my CFA yesterday and got scores as such: BB throw 76ft, pull ups 14, shuttle run 8.4 sec, sit ups 85, pushups...
  17. E

    CFA Score

    I took my CFA today and these are my scores. Basketball throw: 78ft Pull ups: 5 Shuttle run: 9.6 Push ups: 43 Sit ups: 45 Mile run: 8:06 I am a 17 year old male. should I retake it or is this enough to “pass?” thanks in advance.
  18. FØB Zero

    Basketball throw (F)

    Does anybody know how 28 ft is scored for females? I did well in all other areas, so should I retake solely bc of this weak section?
  19. E

    CFA Scores

    I have my CFA this Thursday. This is what I can do so far: push ups: 40 Sit ups: 82 Pull ups: 4, sometimes 5 Basketball throw: 67 feet Mile run: 6:50 Shuttle run: 10 I am a 17 year old male. Will my application be disqualified because of these scores?
  20. C

    CFA Scores Ready?

    Here are my scores from the CFA I just took. I have an LOA with the Oct. 15 deadline so I need to submit scores soon but I'm wondering whether these look passing. I've practice a lot especially the last three but I'm not quite avg. on them. B-Ball Throw 75 Pull-Ups 11 Shuttle 8.3...