1. G

    CFA Scores

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I did a practice CFA, and I got the following scores: BB Throw: 70' Pull-ups: 15 Shuttle Run: 8.51 Sit-ups: 90 Push-Ups: 62 Mile: 6:47 I'm taking my real CFA tomorrow and I'm wondering, if I get those scores again, should I submit them? Does my performance on sit-ups...
  2. B

    Question about CFA

    I know that the CFA is a pass/fail basis, but I don't have a varsity sport so I may have to get a higher score than just passing to show USMA I have the physical capabilities. I know that playing a varsity sport is a huge part of the application because it shows teamwork, dedication and...
  3. LoonWatch2027

    CFA On Application

    Hello, I hope you all are well. I recently took the CFA at the Naval Academy Summer Seminar and had my scores sent over to USAFA and confirmed by my USAFA councilor that they had received them. I am almost done filling out my application but I am stuck on the CFA section. It is asking for...
  4. B

    Any workout routines for CFA?

    Hello, is there any routine that anyone followed a comprehensive routine program for CFA for basketball throw, shuttle run, pull up, pushup, situp and 1 mile run? I want to develop a weekly workout schedule structured around the CFA. Tips appreciated.
  5. B

    How to improve my mile time?

    Hello, I'm a sophomore and the biggest part of the Application Process that I have trouble with is the mile run for the CFA. My current best mile is a 8:37, I'm aware that the average is about 6:30 and the max 5:20. Is it possible to shave off almost two minute off of my mile to hit the average...
  6. D

    Summer seminar / CFA

    Does anyone know if the Air Force Academy offers attendees of Summer Seminar an opportunity to take the CFA ? Thanks
  7. nicksand18


    I'm currently in grade 11, and have been working on my CFA that I will probably take later this summer. The only issue is I am really struggling with the pull-ups and can't even do one. Since I am a woman I can do the flexed arm hang, but I'm not amazing at that either. Does anyone have any...
  8. S

    CFA Video

    Hi everyone, I have almost all my application completed for west point. the only thing I have left is the cfa video. We forgot to record when I took my cfa test. My question is whether or not I have to hit the same numbers I did for my last cfa(15/16 pull ups and 57 push up) for the video. Am...
  9. S

    CFA Failure

    What are the passing standards for the CFA? I sent in the following scores and the CFA was rejected for low scores. I am a male BB: 65 ft Pull-up: 8 Shuttle: 9.1 Push up: 38 Sit up: 53 Mile: 8:03
  10. S

    Passing CFA Scores?

    Just wanted to throw my scores up on here and see what y'all thought. This is the last part of my application for USMA. I already have a principal nomination and am medically qualified. Please give any advice on what I should focus on if I need to re-take. BB Throw: 62 Pull-ups: 9 Shuttle Run...
  11. F

    CFA - Passed but will it ding my application?

    Hello! I am at the end of my application, with all checkmarks checked off, medically qualified, and CFA says "qualified." I have heard here that CFA is pass/fail with very poor passing scores getting a little "ding" and very great scores getting a little bump. I also heard that they will look...
  12. S

    CFA Scores

    I have my CFA tomorrow and I want to know if these scores would be considered passing. BB throw: 65’ Pull-ups: 7 Shuttle run: 10.3 sec Sit-ups: 50 Push ups: 45 One-mile run: 8:25 NOTE: I have never done the CFA before, or have practiced under testing conditions.
  13. Ant345

    CFA Are these passing scores?

    Are these passing scores? BB Throw 74ft Pull-Ups 6 Shuttle Run 8.6 Sit Ups 83 Push-Ups 39 (I did 42 but at least 37/38 are done with perfect form) One mile run 6:29 BTW Happy Christmas to everyone 😁🎄
  14. B

    CFA Scores???

    I'm very disappointed in my CFA scores Bball throw: 56ft (female) FAH: 9 seconds Shuttle run: 10.2 seconds Sit-ups: 59 Pushups: 25 (I think it's more but my administrator didn't count out loud) Mile: 6:35
  15. Ant345


    Hi guys, I almost completed my application and received two nominations, the last thing missing is one video, I did my CFA with these scores: BB throw 74 ft Pull-ups 6 Shuttle run 8.6 Sit-Ups 83 One Mile run 6:29 USMA told me to retake only the push-ups video, the dilemma is that I recorded...
  16. Y

    CFA Scores question

    Just a few questions I had regarding the CFA 1.) How quickly is the CFA usually graded upon submission? 2.) Am I allowed to have a CFA score on standby just in case my first one does not pass?
  17. A

    CFA Scores

    I am applying to USMA, USNA, and USAFA. I took the CFA earlier today and I am very disappointed with my scores, here they are. Basketball throw: 55 ft Pull-ups: 5 Shuttle Run: 9.5 s Sit-ups: 75 Push-ups: 37 One Mile Run: 7:17 Any thoughts on this? I have not received a LOA.
  18. Y

    CFA Passing Scores?

    Basketball Throw - 75 ft Pullups - 8 Shuttle Run - 9.5 Sit-ups - 87 Push-up - 58 Mile Run - 6:24 My shuttle run is the one that is concerning to me at the moment. I havent practiced it as much so any tips?
  19. F

    CFA question

    Hello. I'm a male and am preparing for the CFA. However, the CFA is really worrying me. The rest of my application is pretty strong with 1490 SAT (800 Math) top 5% in my class, college AP and honors classes, lots of leadership, clubs, volunteer activities, and I'm a competitive swimmer and...
  20. T

    CFA Administrator

    New to the forum. Seattle Area. How do I find CFA Administrator for my son? One BGO agreed to adminster CFA provided we find a place. Assuming we found a place, do we have to pay BGO any fee? What is the protocol? Thank you!