1. A

    CFA Score Transfer Question

    I took the CFA at NASS (didn't get into AFASS) and presumably passed, but think I might be able to do better. I know that I can have USNA send my scores to USAFA, but I am also able to submit another second score for USNA. Does anyone know if I get to choose which CFA score USNA sends to USAFA...
  2. H

    Where to find passing score calculation for CFA?

    My son is hoping to apply to the Academy and I'm looking to better understand the assessment so he can train for it. Unfortunately, all I can find is "the max" and a bunch of people that say "aim for the max" but no where is the actual formula? I've seen some places that passing is a score of...
  3. J

    How long should a CFA approval take?

    I originally submitted all of it in December, and got my waiver approved in late January, but it still says, "SCORE IS ON FILE AND PENDING REVIEW" How long should this realistically take? At first I understood the small team had to go through a lot of reviews, but I'm starting to get concerned...
  4. U

    CFA Pull Up Video Question

    Hello! I submitted my CFA pull up video back in 1/30 after they determined on 1/29 that my CFA video was not up to standard and have not heard anything back since. My CFA score says its "SCORE IS ON FILE AND PENDING REVIEW" and my video is "ON FILE (1/30/2024)". Does this mean that there were no...
  5. U

    CFA Help

    Hello! I've recently taken my CFA for all the academies, and the following scores passed for all the academies except USMA. My regional coordinator and application technician said the main thing I needed to work on was my pull ups... Anyone have any tips to crank a couple more out? I've been...
  6. S

    CFA Passing Score?

    I have my official CFA on Monday and I am a little worried. Over winter break I caught a really bad flu and it took me out for almost 3 weeks which means I did next to nothing for physical fitness. I took a practice CFA and I was wondering if I scored the same would this be considered passing...
  7. C

    LoA Expiration

    I received my LoA to USMA about two months ago. As usual, the first paragraph included a notice that it would expire on a pre-determined date if I hadn't completed my file by then. I completed all remaining items, except for the CFA, which I had to postpone due to an injury. I missed the...
  8. X

    How long until I hear news about my cfa status?

    So I took the cfa around 2 weeks ago and haven't heard back from USMA yet. I received an email from admissions updating where we should all be in terms of our application. One of the things mentioned in the email was our cfas will stay as pending (yellow) until the entire application is...
  9. A

    What happens if one passes their first CFA but retakes and fails their second CFA?

    What happens if one passes their first CFA but retakes and fails their second CFA? Hoping this forum can possibly give some answers. Thanks!
  10. X

    Did I pass the cfa for a female?

    Hi so I recently took the cfa a few days ago and haven't gotten word from USMA and I'm getting worried. Theres no check mark showing up on my portal either, still yellow. These are my scores (I'm female btw). Do ya'll think I passed....? My running events obviously weren't the best as you could...
  11. T

    CFA score

    Let me know what you guys think (male) bb throw: 69ft sit ups:55 push ups:45 shuttle run:9.5 pull ups:11 mile run:7:20
  12. OrionVII

    Does anybody have any advice for cadets who want to go to USMA or USAFA?

    Does Anybody have any advice for high school students who want to attend USMA or USAFA?
  13. W

    Acceptable CFA Score?

    Hey everyone, I took my CFA recently and think I did well on everything but the pushups. My proctor said it was my call if I wanted to submit my score but he recommended not sending it. What do you all think? My scores (I am a male) were: Pushups: 31, Basketball throw: 74'2", Pull-ups: 8...
  14. R

    Injury in Preparing for CFA

    I stubbed my finger really bad practicing basketball throw. Minor avulsion fracture putting me out for 3-4 weeks. Just my luck that my deadline is Nov 1st. Should I wait it out and see or reach out to admissions staff and ask for an extension on the CFA? Do they even offer extensions...
  15. C

    CFA and LOA

    I received an LOA for West Point around a month ago, and am afraid I'm going to fail the CFA. I'm taking it this Thursday, and have to submit it by 10/15/23. If I send the results on the day I take it or very soon after, if I fail will my LOA be rescinded? I've heard it takes a while for them to...
  16. B

    Candidate Fitness Assessment

    Hello! I completed my CFA today. I worry that I did not pass due largely to my poor basketball throw and shuttle run performances. I am a female. I have very strong academics and extracurriculars. Is my CFA good enough to consider me athletically qualified? Basketball throw- 36.3 ft Pull ups- 4...
  17. BeastHunter

    Can an NCO administer my CFA

    Hello, I am a college freshman who is applying to USAFA, and I am part of AFROTC. I was wondering if I am allowed to have an NCO (T/Sgt) member of my cadre administer my CFA for me, a commissioned officer, or would I have to go back to my high school to have my senior year gym teacher...
  18. F

    CFA Shuttle Run

    I have a question regarding the shuttle run for the CFA since I am finding different information online. I thought that the CFA was consistent between all of the military academies. When looking at the shuttle run, is this also true? How far is the shuttle run? I have found differing information...
  19. U

    Is retaking the CFA worth it?

    Hey everyone! As of 2/26/2023 I have a green qualified box in my USNA application saying that I passed the CFA from the summer seminar CFA. I thought I underperformed by a bit while I was there. Is it worth retaking the CFA and aim to get a higher score? Or should I just leave it as it is since...
  20. S

    Is this a good sign?

    My CFA scores turned green into "On File and passed" and my DodMERB also became "Qualified" on the 24th of last month. I have also secured my nomination from the local US embassy. It's definetely not a guarantee, but it's a sign of good things to come, right?