1. C


    I have a question about the CFA. I am a female and this cycle I took the CFA twice. With my 2nd time scores as follows : basketball throw 46 ft, flex arm hang 38 seconds, shuttle run 9.3 seconds, push ups 44, sit ups 98, but my mile was 10:30. I have always struggled with running. I technically...
  2. USS_Oregon


    Does anyone know of a decent workout regiment to prepare for the CFA? That'd be really appreciated, thank you.
  3. I

    Sit-ups for 2021 CFA

    Hi! I'm preparing for the CFA at NASS/SLE (hopefully), and I've seen a lot of different information on the sit-ups. I'm not sure if its sit ups (feet under something, elbows to mid-thigh) or simple crunches (feet not under something, just getting shoulder blades off the ground). If anyone could...
  4. 2

    How DS Got Appointed for class of 2025 - A Profile, Stats, and Experiences of Just One of Many

    DISCLAIMER - These are just some stats and experiences about DS getting appointed for the class of 2025. Obviously, it is just "one" profile of many, but you can use it for data points if it helps. The danger of course is that in some cases it could discourage someone from applying, please...
  5. G

    How can I improve for the CFA? Do you think I can make it?

    Hi guys, how can I improve for the CFA? Do you think I can make it? I Will do the CFA in 3/4 months and this are my current scores: Bball throw - 70 ft Pullups - 7 Shuttle - 9 Sit-ups - 45 Push-ups - 30 1 mile - 10:40 I know it's not great but I started 1 week ago and I'm working hard 5 days a...
  6. K

    Should I submit this CFA?

    Hello! I'm new to the forums here, so please excuse me/let me know if I make any errors throughout this post. I took my first attempt at the CFA today, and my coach said that he can submit it if I'd like, or count it as a practice, because I had planned to also do it on Jan. 4th. I had assumed...
  7. F

    Does the check mark mean my scores were accepted?

    I took the CFA yesterday and I'm eager to find out if my scores were accepted. This is what I see in the portal. Does the fact that it says received and processed mean my scores were accepted?
  8. S

    I think I'm going to fail my CFA. Any advice?

    I only started looking at the West Point process in October. I had never really thought about it, but a school counselor recommended the school to me after hearing I was going into the Army. I have never been a physically fit individual. In middle school, I was clinically obese. I've made a lot...
  9. K

    CFA Results

    I am a female, and I just took the CFA for the first time today. My scores are as follows: B-ball throw: 42 feet Flexed arm hang: 32 seconds Shuttle run: 10.9 seconds Sit-ups: 54 Push ups: 36 Mile run: 8:31 I did plug my numbers into the online calculator, and it said that I passed...
  10. F

    CFA scores & retake

    Hello all, I just took my CFA over the weekend and got notified to retake it. Here's the scores from last time: Basketball throw: 42, 41, 43 Pull ups: 5 Shuttle Run: 9.83, 10.15 Sit ups: 49 Pushups: 38 Mile: 7:30 For reference, I'm a male so I know these scores are on the lower end. I have till...
  11. N

    Wondering about CFA Scores

    I took the CFA this past Monday, and these were my scores: 69’ basketball throw 4 pullups 9 second shuttle run 87 situps 51 pushups 7:16 mile I’m under the Nov 1 deadline so I have submitted these scores, I’m not sure if they are passing (would have loved to have done better on pull-ups...
  12. N

    Choosing Between 2 CFA Results

    CFA 1: 71ft basketball throw 82 sit-ups 58 push-ups CFA 2: 79ft basketball throw 76 sit-ups 63 push-ups Takeaways: I took the CFA twice and wanted some advice on which score I should go with. I improved my basketball throw by 8 feet and push-ups by 5 reps on the second attempt, but I lost 6...
  13. BBF2003

    CFA Processed?

    Hello again everyone, I had a question regarding my CFA submission. My CFA administrator submitted my scores a day after I took the test (test taken the 24th, submitted on the 25th). Attached below I have a picture of what my portal is showing for the CFA. Does this mean that I passed; it's...
  14. FØB Zero

    USMA & USAFA Sam Fitness Standards?

    My CFA results were accepted by USMA. One section (B.B. throw) is below average quite a it, but apparently it passed for West Point. Should I also forward these scores to USAFA? (As in USAFA has same minimum). Or retake to be safe?
  15. APCalc

    Is there any indication on how much a CFA is weighted?

    👋 Hi Service Academy Forum, I'm a prospective midn. in CA with a bad -- almost horrid -- CFA. Like, my scores are barely passing anecdotal minimums I've seen for pullups, crunches, pushups, and the 1MR. However, I feel like I have an okay application to balance it: - 1590 SAT and 4.0 - founder...
  16. Y

    Can LOA be revoked based on CFA?

    Hello, I have recently received an LOA for USMA not too long ago, but still, something troubles me. So for context, I only have my statements, nomination, medical qualification, and CFA scores left on my application for me to input. The only part that I am slightly worried about is the CFA. I...
  17. T

    Congressional Appointments & CFA Deadline

    I only recently found out about USAFA halfway through my first college semester, but I already know this is where I have to go. I have a lot of work to do so I can perform well on the CFA, and I know that congressional appointment deadlines are approaching. My questions are if I should wait...
  18. M

    USNA CFA Scores

    Think I can pass the USNA CFA with the following scores? I am a male. BB Throw: 67 ft Pull-ups: 9 Shuttle: 9.1 seconds Sit-ups: 72 Push-ups: 54 Mile: 6:43 Thanks.
  19. T

    CFA Help

    Out of the 3 areas - academic, leadership, and physical - my physical component needs the most work. I am not out of shape by any stretch of the imagination, but from looking at the goal scores that USAFA has posted on their website, I need a little more work I need to do. What did you guys do...
  20. MrSTOCK

    Presidential Nomination Timeline/Chances

    I got my Presidential (service connected) Nomination roughly in August, and I have completed most of my packet, except for the candidate statements, the CFA, and my medical exam. I took my CFA yesterday and got scores as such: BB throw 76ft, pull ups 14, shuttle run 8.4 sec, sit ups 85, pushups...