CFA questions


Dec 6, 2017
As mentioned in a previous post my DD is working on her CFA scores.

What is the slowest passing score for the mile?

What is the shortest acceptable time for the flex arm hang?

Thanks in advance - sorry for all the questions!
My comment applies to USAFA but I expect it is similar for USNA. The lowest passing score for any part of the CFA is a carefully guarded secret. The objective is to strive to achieve average or better on all sections, and to max some if possible. Having said that, it is possible to pass the CFA if a section or two does not reach average - it depends on how you do on the remaining sections. There is a cumulative score for all the sections that is calculated, although we are not privy to the details of this scoring system. You will fail the CFA if even one event does not reach the low threshold, and you will be notified in a day or two via your portal (judging from others' experiences on this forum). You will also fail the CFA if all six events reach only minimal passing levels. It is critical to have several strong event scores to help offset any weaker one(s). See the "Instructions for Candidates" booklet (or whichever similar instruction document USNA provides) for details about what will happen if you fail the CFA on your first submittal.
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I found these searching the forums. It is several years old but may be helpful.
the USNA website has the max scores.

Self-reported CFA Averages

I've been tracking scores of folks that have been posted on this and another forum. I've got about 85 male and 10 female scores. Recognize that they are self-reported and therefore may be skewed since some folks with lower scores may not wish to share. This includes anyone who posted a score; I did not split them based on their indicated academy preference.


Female - 10 scores
BB toss - 44 ft
Pullups - 2
Flex Arm Hang - 16 sec
Shuttle - 9.8 sec
Crunches/Situps - 81
Pushups - 36
Mile run - 7:31

Male - 84 scores
BB toss - 69 ft
Pullups - 11
Shuttle - 8.8 sec
Crunches/Situps - 82
Pushups - 61
Mile Run - 6:38

CGO has provided these AVERAGE scores for the CFA to BGOs to publicize. CGO advises there are minimum scores for each event that are NOT published. Max scores are available on the website.


1 MILE RUN (min:sec) 6:40
SHUTTLE RUN (sec) 8.9


1 MILE RUN (min:sec) 7:45
PULL-UPS 1 (or 54-sec arm hang)
B-BALL THROW (ft) 39
SHUTTLE RUN (sec) 9.8
The above post is YEARS old (as in more than a decade) and I would not assume those numbers are valid today. Nor would I assume that "average" will be good enough in this hyper-competitive environment.

The better approach is to look at the max scores for each event and try to achieve that or at least be in the ballpark. That way you will know you have a good to excellent score . . . not "average."

As for the OP's question . . . no one knows. The CFA also isn't done in a vacuum. If you're not active in sports, your CFA will be more important as it's the only measure of your fitness. Ditto if you do sports that don't require a lot of cardiac activity or upper body strength. You can only do your best and hope it's good enough.