CFA retake


Nov 2, 2016
Hello, I took my CFA the other day and while I think I was probably about average, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to give it another try in about a week. I have listed my scores below. Any advice or just general evaluation of my scores would be much appreciated. Thanks.

BBall: 59
Pull ups: 13
Shuttle: 9.1
Sit ups: 92
Push ups: 64
Mile: 6:36
If you feel that you could improve some of your scores within a week then retake it. Not only will you have better scores, but the Academy could take notice of your persistence towards improving your file. If not, you should be okay since they're all around average like you said. There's not much you can do in a week except possibly perfect basketball throw and shuttle run technique and possibly add a couple reps to the others.
At this point you have average scores which aren't that bad, but if you feel like the day you took this CFA and your body wasn't feeling it. Then take it next week again after you must have recovered if you still have any soars from the other, and my advice is to stay calm when you have to and get aggressive when you need the extra push. Good Luck!!
Your scores appear quite good, compared to the max scores. The danger in retaking is that you might do worse and the new scores would take the place of these with no time to retry. I'd stick with these unless there was some specific reason (e.g., it was particularly cold and rainy and you did the event outside; you were suffering from a head cold) that you believe the scores aren't representative of your true capabilities.

If you had another month or two before the deadline, my answer might be different.
Can anyone tell me who can administer a retake? I know BGO, PE, Coach...can a certified trainer?
Can anyone tell me who can administer a retake? I know BGO, PE, Coach...can a certified trainer?
Not even any coach, they have to have a Phys Ed certification, I believe. That would also hold true for a Trainer, I'd assume.
Can someone double re-confirm for me whether a coach who is not a pe teacher can administer the CFA? The website has similar language as above but now mentions coach. However, in searching, I have found several conflicting answers. But, lots of the search results dont like short words like cfe or pe...

Son's BGO just recently mentioned we should confirm as he didnt think the coach could.

I am hoping that the USNA recently changed it to open up for non pe teaching coaches to do it, as that would explain much of the discrepancy.

We understood that it had to be a PE teacher and NOT a coach. To eliminate any conflict, our son chose a PE teacher at his school that he had very little prior history with. He was lucky, the PE teacher had given the CFA many times and was well schooled in the process. Made things much more simple for my son as the teacher kept him right on task and schedule.
Coaches can now administer the CFA; this change was made during last year's admissions cycle and I haven't seen anything that would reverse that course.

"The CFA MUST be administered by a high school/prep school physical education teacher, a coach, commissioned officer, or a Blue and Gold Officer."