CFA Retest


Jan 14, 2017
The AFA has requested me to retake my CFA.
Pullups- 9
Pushups - 67
Situps - 55
Shuttle - 9.255
Basketball - 54 ft
Mile - 8:10

I was initially surprised but quickly realized that it is most likely due to my mile and sit ups.
What do you guys think? I usually run a 7:20 from a cold start but after all the exercises I'll expect myself to run at best maybe 7:40.
Are you male or female? The CFA score range varies by gender so that's why I'm asking.
Assuming male (per profile), so not surprised by retake as all but one event is below the stated USAFA goals...
  • Basketball Throw: 54' vs goal of 69'
  • Pull-Ups: 9 vs goal of 12
  • Shuttle Run: 9.3 sec vs goal of 8.1 sec
  • Sit-Ups: 55 vs goal of 81
  • Push-Ups: 67 vs goal of 62 :)
  • One Mile Run: 8:10 vs goal of 6:29
When you train for the retake, make sure you practice all events and in the same order as the CFA. Make sure you have a healthy diet and train hard. Good luck.
At the AFA the altitude will hit you hard and you should assume adding 30 seconds to your running time. This is a reference given by one of the LTC at the Academy Admissions. So you need to come in under 8 mins at sea level. Be prepared to get smoked at the AF Academy, even running up and down stairs becomes a challenge. It takes awhile to get acclimated to 7,000 feet. So if you want to be a Cadet at the USAFA you have to be in top shape. You should also work on your lower body strength. Practice until you can reduce your run time. Don't fail 2nd time. That's Point of no return. Good luck to you!
How much time did they give you for the retake?