Cfa Run


Mar 12, 2017
The goal time for the cfa for the AF Academy is 6:29. If the run is done in 7:10, does that mean the cfa was failed?
It depends on the overall score, I highly doubt a 7:10 is enough to make you fail that section of the CFA. But Idk if the Academy has a set time that constitutes failing.
The academy does not publish minimum standards for the CFA. (I doubt 7:10 is failing, but keep practicing 11:15 for a 1.5 is the min for male cadets).
I doubt that that is failing, but if it is and the rest of your application is strong, they will request that you retest. If I were you, I'd continue working out, not worry about it too much, and focus on the remainder of the application, which holds significantly more weight than the CFA.