I tore my acl in soccer practice and absolutely can't take the PFT. Will this impact my application?

Aug 31, 2017
To give some context, I tore it in mid July, had surgery yesterday, I should be back by February of next year doing most activities at a moderately athletic level and I definintely should be full-go 100% by mid May of next year. I have a proven track record, being a 3 year letterman in soccer as a goalie and by being the #2 back-squat of all time as of May of my Junior year (at 589 pounds, which was well on pace to beat the #1 squat, which was a guy whom squatted 616 pounds at the end of his senior year). I also hold an impressive 313 power clean, 4.97 40, and a 234 bench press. As of 2010, we can't letter anymore in weightlifting, but I've been lifting there since sixth grade, and it's safe to say that I would've lettered probably a dozen of times if we lettered for completing and getting our programs signed.

I also am quite accomplished academically and hold multiple leadership positions. Will I be unable to apply due to this injury, or will my athletic accomplishments prove to Air Force admissions that I am capable of withstanding all of the physical rigors of the academy?

Even if all of this works, what if it reoccurred again at the academy? Would I be kicked out? Once someone tears their ACL once, the chance of recurrence is 6 times higher than before the initial tear. I've heard that the academy has a tough, unconditional stance at injuries.

Thanks for your help and thanks for answering.
I'm assuming you're in your senior year. If you're a junior then this may not be a problem.

The injury itself will be more problematic and depending on outcomes might cause you to fail DoDMERB. I also think you have a real misunderstanding of the impact being fairly inactive for 6 months will have on you. As far as I'm able to determine, completing the CFA is required. Finally, being a goalie and weightlifting champ doesn't really demonstrate some of the things the CFA attempts to draw out. To quote the academy web site:
This test of strength, agility, speed and endurance is designed to predict your aptitude for demands of Academy life. It will help determine whether you possess the stamina and movement skills required to successfully complete the physical program at the Academy. It is an important factor in the overall assessment of your admission file.

I'm not saying you don't have all these skills to the nth level.... just saying I don't see how you demonstrate that with what you listed here. If you are a senior, keep pursuing it, while also pursing a plan B. You might need to end up in college somewhere next year and re-apply, giving your body time to heal.

If your a junior you should have sufficient time to heal and do the CFA so I don't see an issue. I'm sure folks with differing opinoins will chime in.
Dear OP, best wishes for a quick recovery. You sound like an excellent candidate. I believe the candidate instructions clearly state that the CFA is mandatory in order to be considered for an appointment. What I'm about to say is in no way specific to the OP or his particular circumstance.
This is why I always advise against waiting to take the CFA in hopes of "being in better shape" or "improving my score" for those that are obviously fit and would clearly meet the objective of the CFA which is to demonstrate core physical fitness that indicates a candidate is likely to successfully meet the physical and athletic requirements of a cadet. I certainly have no evidence to support my belief that no one has ever been offered an appointment to the USAFA for the SINGULAR reason that he or she ran a second faster than the next candidate or did one more pull up or push up or threw a BB a foot further. Im in no way suggesting that anyone not strive to do their best. Im simply recommending that critical thought and consideration be given in the risk/reward of putting off the CFA. Of course Im not including those that are not fit and struggling to meet averages. You know if you are fit or not.
I also hold an impressive 313 power clean

I also am quite accomplished academically

IMHO, watch your tone on your applications - most of the USAFA candidates are "accomplished" and have credentials that are "impressive". You will want those reviewing your applications to say "wow, that is impressive" based on their own assessment, not yours...
Need to reach out to your ALO and probably even admissions. The other part of this is getting medically qualified. You will need a waiver and that might not happen until late in the game with your current recovery timeline. In the meantime ensure you have a strong Plan B.
CFA is a required part of the application. Imagine a college applicant saying, "I'm really good at math and a 4 time math-bowl champ at the national level, but couldn't take the SAT section on it (for whatever perfectly legitimate reason)." Do you think the admissions department would just accept that?

I doubt you'll be able to submit a complete admissions application, so you'll probably have to go to Plan B. That might be CC for a year, then reapply. It might be State U and ROTC. It might be something else entirely.
Any surgery within a 6 month period of Dodmerb is an automatic fail. A fail doesn't mean you can't get a waiver, but until full rehab is done, your chances diminish.