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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by markpangilinan, Feb 8, 2010.

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    On Jan. 20th I had shoulder surgery to repair some torn muscles. I have yet to take the CFA and that's the only thing I have yet to do. I won't be cleared to do anything physically taxing (push ups, chin ups) on my shoulder. I contacted my admissions counselor and she told me to just take it when I'm healthy and that she'll write a note on my file saying why I couldn't complete my application.

    Has anyone been in a similar situation? This shoulder surgery will be a big deal for both my CFA and the dodmets. I'm aware that the last review board for admissions is coming up soon. It looks as though I'm going to end up re-applying next year.

    Everything in my file is done aside from the fitness test and I just got news that I have a nomination from one of my state's senators. Do you think my admissions counselor was giving me false hope by telling me to just take the CFA when I'm ready? How much weight does the CFA have to the admissions panel, and would they even consider my application if it's technically incomplete?
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    The "last" review board is NOT coming up "soon."

    While the majority of appointments are made in the February - April time period, folks are appointed up into the month of June. Some students have literally been appointed the week they reported.

    Make USAFA aware of EVERYTHING that is going on re: shoulder. And keep preparing everything else to the best you can!

    USAFA '83
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    CFA Waiver

    We didn't find a way around getting the CFA submitted last year. Kid broke leg 3 days before he was to take CFA in August '08, with everything else being complete. He was a very strong candidate, but they would not consider him until he could complete that.

    He was able to do rehab and complete the test by 1/1, but they definitely wanted to make sure he was recovered enough to handle the physical requirements of the Academy by the time he was admitted.

    On the bright side, we were very confident that if he fought back from this and reapplied for 2014, his perseverance would have added points to the WCS. As it was, he was part of the mass mailing in March.

    That's just our experience, we found that keeping everyone up to speed on exactly where you are in the process was valuable for making it go smoothly once the file was complete. Best of luck!

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