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    So I took my CFA today...I think I failed...anyways, I was wondering if each event is given an equivalent score and then added up like the CGA PFE or if each event simply has a minimum that must be met and failing one event means failing the whole thing...

    my scores (I'm a girl...a weak one as you can see :thumbdown: )

    Bball throw: 33'
    Flexed Arm Hang: 30.5 seconds
    Shuttle Run: 10 seconds flat
    Sit ups: 52
    Push ups: 24 (fail..)
    Mile: 7:16

    am i pretty much done for with these scores? thanks
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    Okay, I'm much more conversant in WP's standards and guys' standards, but I'll offer my opinion. To answer your one question, yes, if you fail any one section (no matter how well you do on the others), you fail the test. But it isn't pass/fail overall - you get points for each section as long as you meet the bare minimum (which isn't published). So your higher scores will help balance your lower ones, as long as you pass each.

    I know some of the academies weigh some sections more than others. Personally I don't think 24 pushups would be failing. At West Point SLS, my son did 33 and it was passing. Not a great score obviously, but I would think still passing (or very close). I'd be more concerned about the flexed arm hang. AF's site shows average for girls as 3 pullups - and I know doing even one gives you a lot more points than any flexed arm hang time. Back when I was at WP, we didn't have the option of pullups and I know the flexed arm hang was supposed to be around a minute. That's one I haven't seen compared here much on the boards so I have no real feel for what the minimum is. I think you're fine everywhere else. If you haven't seen the average/max scores for AF, here's the link:
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    If you were a guy than yes, but fortunately for yourself you are a girl. Can you beat these scores if you retook it? Unfortunately its a little late in the game to be retaking them, but if you can, retake it.

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