you don't know how much i hope you're right
You should really come. For most it helps them to decide if it's right. For those of us that were/are 100% for USAFA, it seals the deal! In all reality, you should come see USAFA post-recognition, and you won't be looking around on I-day, trust me there. I didn't know what the TZO really looked like till after BCT!
what are the requirments? i assume you need an appointment, but what else? costs? and what is post-recognition?
You would have to fly yourself out here, but you eat and stay in the dorms with us. The info will all by in your soon to come appointee packet. Recognition occurs in 10 days from today when the freshman earn their upperclass priviliedges.
oooh, i see. i think i might be able to manage that. do you pay your own way to get to I-day? BTW, did you mean recognition is 10 days from orientation? or today?

and.....i really really really hope, wish and pray that my appointee packet is soon on the way! and even if it isn't and never will be, thanks for the ongoing, nerve-calming assurance anyways!
As far as I-Day, youll mark a box on your appt sheet when you return it, one saying you want the academy to issue you a ticket at no cost to you, or that you'll travel by your own means and theyll pay you back a certain amount to cover the cost...

Recognition is 10 days from today...

And I am sure that packet is well on its way to ya, youve showed us on this forum that you sure sound like you want it bad enough, haha a couple more weeks and youre well deserved deep breath will have arrived... Where are you from flyboy? :wink:
okay, if they pay my way to get to I-day, then i will definitely have no probelm making it to orienation. (money isn't really an issue in the first place, we just like to save when we can, that's all.) so, if recognition is 10 days from today, what is "post-recognition". and when does the school year let out for summer? and i'm from oceanside, CA. how about you?

haha, if my showing you guys how bad i want this appointment effected my appointment status, i would be doing what i like to call a "forum philibuster", lol. and it will be a couple of deep breaths actually ;)
Post recognition is basically USAFA "heaven" for the 4 digs, theyre bombarded with so many new privleges as they have been formally accepted as an upperclassman... Orientation will give you a glimpse of post recognition which may be a bit misleading to actual 4 dig life during the year...

SW Pennsylvania, home of hills, snow at the moment, and farm animals... Haha class of only 154 @ my HS... :wink:

Haha I know the feeling, the "surprise in the mailbox" caught me totally offguard, for I figured Id be in your position right now... Have you posted any stats on here before?
i'm sure the academy, especially freshmen year, is not going to be a basket of roses, but i know it will have its rewards nonetheless. only 154 kids in your high school? thats pretty small, but i have under 100. no i havent put up my stats, but they are as follows:

3.44 gpa (according to the academy- they should readjust due to my recent 4.2 semester gpa)

670 verbal 690 math 680 writing on sat. 30 english 31 reading, 29 math, 29 science (30 composite) on act.

i am taking the only honors course that has been offered my whole high school career (honors english).
4 years of english, math, science and history. 2 years foreign language

4 years of varsity football, lettering each year and captained my senior year.
2 years of varsity track (soph and junior year), winning league champ for shotput my jr. year and going on to state preliminary finals (lettering both years as well).

at least 65 hours of community service my h.s. career- including serving for a year on my city's city council.

one nomination- congressman Issa, district 49.

and one really great interview with my ALO.
Haha I am gonna make a pretty accurate assumption and say your a big kid ehh? Football and a shotputter? Haha you gotta be huge... :wink:

Well, although I have no say in it, I am sure others will agree... Sit tight boy, your envelope will be in the mailbox soon enough! :wink: Just gotta pass the time until then...
i am a healthy size, but you have to remember there aren't even 100 kids in my high school, so i am not as big as you think, lol. and thanks for the encouragement!
Haha true, true...

And no problem bud, thats what we are here for... Cant wait till you get to share the good news... :wink:
hey, don't worry about it. I was accepted already and my CFA scores were a lot worse than yours!! (I'm a girl, so my requirements are different)

BB throw: 43 feet
shuttle run: 10.9
Push-ups: 50 (the girls' max)
Sit-ups: 65
(I did the flex arm hang for 30 seconds instead of pull-ups, I couldn't do them at the time but I can now)
7:54 mile
haha zzztriplenickel, recognition is not orientation, recognition is when the current 4 digs get accepted as upperclassmen...

Orientation is for the appointees to visit and we will see "post recognition" life...


USAFAcadet2012, thanks for posting those scores, I cant exactly give the female insight with that... :wink:
My scores for the CFA were:

Basketball Throw: 36 feet
Flexed Arm Hang: 18 sec
Shuttle Run: 10.0 sec
Sit-ups: 78
Push-ups: 20
1-Mile Run: 8:12

I took the CFA about a month ago. I train daily and I have been steadily improving with my upper body strength. Push-ups and pull-ups are harder for me because I'm a girl. Are these scores too low for me to be accepted?
Just got done with my CFA. And what a horrible score.

BB Throw: 47
Pull ups: 14
Shuttle run: 9.6
sit-ups: 66
push-ups: 65
Mile 7:59! (dammit)

That CFA was on 28th of Feb. This CFA is 20th of Mar. Check out my scores now:

BB Throw: 74 (i really did get 74 I just didn't switch the numbers around)
Pull ups: 18
Shuttle run: 9.3
sit-ups: 80
push-ups: 71
Mile 7:16

The run was OK, but my scores are definite improvement from the first time I did them. My advice to all who are having a hard time... PRACTICE ...PRACTICE ...PRACTICE.

What I did?

  1. Circuit training x3 per week
  2. Cardio in between X2 per week:
    • Long Distance (4 miles)
    • Scenic run/hike with 15 LB bag for 2 miles
  3. I replaced circuit training every once in a while with heavy weight training.
  4. Eat healthy for the week of CFA and HYDRATE.... HYDRATE.... HYDRATE....
  5. Relax 2 days prior to CFA.
I cant do more than 2 pull ups to save my life

You have a lot of time chickenwing. You're only junior right? let me tell you this 6 months ago I can barely do 1. The biggest mistake people make is that they get easily discourage and they don't do em. Just start pumping them everyday you should be alright. Just look at what I did in less than a month. With the amount of time you have I have no doubts you'll be able to max it no problem.