I actually didn't practice or prepare for the CFA at all. My scores were:
BB throw: 50
Pull ups: 4
Shuttle run: 9.2
Sit ups: 93
Push ups: 32
Mile: 8:13

I just decided one day "Oh, I think I'll do my CFA today" so I did. I'm also a girl so the scores don't need to be as high. But those scores got me accepted.
Does anyone know if we're allowed to wear track spikes on the mile run? And also if I'm a bit weak on upper body strength, can a fast run time help balance the score?
If you check out the CFA instruction manual for the examiner at then scroll down to the bottom. There it has all CFA instructions/regulations.

Not sure about the track spikes but basically you get points on a 100 point scale for each event, with 100 points maxing the event. So having a very good mile will definently increase your overall score.

Hope that helps some!
I take my CFA this sunday and i cant wait to see how much ive improved.
Last year:
BB throw 39
Pullups 4
Shuttle run 9.8
sit ups 66
pushups 42
mile 4:50

So far while ive been practicing:
pullups 10
sit ups 81
pushups 53

Dang I really hope i get in this year!
Took my CFA this morning. Not the greatest but definitely an improvement from last year.

Last year:
BB throw 39
Pullups 4
Shuttle run 9.8
sit ups 66
pushups 42
mile 4:50 (which i don't even count anymore)

BB throw 40
Pullups 8
Shuttle run 10.2
sit ups 84
pushups 55
mile 5:41
8 pull-ups, but you can only throw a basketball 40 feet? :confused:

Only your sit-ups and mile run exceeded the mean/average scores listed for men in the instructions.

I would keep practicing and trying to improve those scores until you can meet or exceed the mean/average score for every event.

(I am assuming you are a male - if you are female, your scores are excellent)
I am with Luigi I would not submit those scores. 40 is very low, the shuttle is a little high and the push ups are on the lowish side. Keep practicing, I think most people have the bb @70, get your push ups to the 65+, (max is @85) You have a ton of time, the boards aren't even meeting it yet, if you practice push ups daily within a month you will be at a good number.

As I stated before the AFA is concerned about the CFA because of the altitude.
Keep at it!

I wouldn't be especially worried if one of your scores is particularly low, but with several being low, you might want to really push those. Can you get someone to train with you? Sometimes it helps to have someone to challenge you a bit.
I feel so dumb right now. I got overexcited about completing my application that i jumped the gun and submitted my scores already. Don't know what i was thinking.
if you practice push ups daily within a month you will be at a good number

i disagree, everyday would harm your score
i am on a physical training team, i would know
what you should do is cram pushups in as much as you can and as many as you can in one set. try to get to muscle failure or atleast close enough where it hurts you move your arms
the next day, take it easy, maybe do 50-100 pushups in a day, just to keep you warmed up
continue this day-in, day-out schedule and you will get a good score.
for example, at first i was doing 45 pushups in 2 minutes when i first started on the team. after 3 months, i was doing an average of 90 in 2 minutes, and after another month or so, i got up to 105-110 in 2 minutes (i know it sounds)
It is a good idea to exercise muscle groups on alternating days. The exception is abs, they can be exercised every day.
since we are in this chat and talking about how to better ourselves, does anyone have insight on how to throw the basketball better??
i've been trying and trying, but cant get it passed 69 feet. my average after 10 throws is 62-65.
so, any insight on how to coordinate your body, ideas on the spin of the ball, and anything else you know would be great.
I talked with a personal trainer about this and he gave the same info as most people on this forum and CC gave. Its a combination of all muscle groups. Core muscles mostly though. I'll list the tips he gave me:
1.) Core muscles are the key. Use your core more than your arms.
2.) If you are right handed, use the right arm more as a sling. By using a baseball pitching motion. I.E. With your left arm forward to begin with pointing at the target, body twisted to the right, pull your left arm back creating tension across your chest that will propel the right arm forward OVER your head.
3.) Lean back using your abdominal muscles while doing the overhand throw. It works if you push your hips forward, then pull it back as you throw.
4.) Push air out of your lungs forcefully as you release. It'll give an extra "oomph" to your throw.
5.) You want the ball to rotate with the lines (the black part of the ball), horizontally if that makes sense.

I do think that this is most of what he gave me. I found out that just practicing the motion without the ball, gives you an idea of what you're suppose to do.

Hope it helps some! Apologies if the explanation is a bit shaky.

Check around this and collegeconfidential for this topic. It has been discussed before.
ok, thanks
i am just having a hard time with it. I cant seem to get my set up well
good advice though, I need to set up my angle more, and when I worry about that, my heading gets off :frown:
what are your distances like. I see some numbers, but most of them seem lower than the average.