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Nov 15, 2008
Well today I received a letter saying that I am scholastically qualified (I guess this means there goes my hopes for an LOA) and I was qualified by dodmerb a while ago, but how do I know if I've been qualified on the CFA? I took the CFA at NASS and so i have no way of getting in touch with my platoon leader and asking him about it.
Well today I received a letter saying that I am scholastically qualified (I guess this means there goes my hopes for an LOA) and I was qualified by dodmerb a while ago, but how do I know if I've been qualified on the CFA? I took the CFA at NASS and so i have no way of getting in touch with my platoon leader and asking him about it.

do you mean scholastically disqualified?
You can call admissions and ask or post your scores here and most people will be able to let you know if they are OK. If they are marginal you should call admissions and ask if you can retake the CFA. Good luck.
no i was qualified but since i have everything else turned in I was guessing that instead they would have sent me an LOA. There might still be one coming but I am just guessing that since i got this letter i wont get the LOA letter. I could be wrong.
No rhyme or reason in the way Admissions does things - my Mid received the Scholastically qualified letter about a week before he got his LOA. One never knows and should not assume anything one way or another...
If you show significant improvment in your record you could get a LOA. In my case, I went from barely qualified (400s on SAT, C's in honors classes, few leaderships, etc.) to LOA (33 ACT, straight A's in IB program, captain of 2 varsity teams, etc.). I slacked off my first 2 years of high school, but the academy put that aside because I merely busted myself during junior year.

theraven, I'll list the average scores of candidates who were appointed to USMA last year, so if your scores are similar to those, you can consider yourself physically qualified.

67' bball thow
9 pull ups
9.1 sec shuttle run
72 sit ups
54 push ups
6:43 min 1 mile run
That's what you'd think, but remember that probably most that got in, were stronger in one than the others. for example if one averaged at every event except the mile where he got 5:04mins then he's obviously exemplary, or if another averaged at everthing, but got 100 pushups, then he too is a great pick. You cant really count on those scores.

Should i re-take the CFA?

I got
4 Pull Ups
35 Sit ups
35 Push ups
60' Ball throw
8.5 Shuttle Run
5:40 Mile
A few comments on the above -- first, PLEASE don't obsess about LOAs. Many very highly qualified candidates don't get them. Not getting one does NOT mean that you're not a very highly qualified candidate and/or you won't get an appointment. Generally, well over 80% of those who receive appointments do NOT get an LOA. I understand why people want them but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not despair if you are one of the 80%+ without one.

Second, on the question above re retaking the CFA -- I assume you're a male, not that it makes much difference in my advice. Your mile is great and your throw and shuttle run are ok. Pullups aren't exceptional for a guy (but great for a female) -- but will probably be passing. Push-ups are fine for a female, on the low side for a male but almost certainly passing.

The biggest concern I have with your scores is with your sit-ups, which are in the very low range (for either gender, as USNA believes both men and women should be able to peform an equal number). 35 would be clearly failing at USNA. I honestly don't know if this alone would cause you to fail the CFA but they are definitely on the very low end. You should be able to do 60 easily and, by the time you get to USNA, do 80 in 2 mins (we always did at least 85, of course:biggrin:).

The good news is that situps are, IMO, the easiest area in which to improve. Just do situps every single day. There is all sorts of guidance re doing certain reps, etc. But if you simply do as many as you can in two minutes, two times a day, I guarantee you that you'll improve dramatically in 30 days. Ditto with pushups -- which would be better in the 40-50 range.

So, bottom line, if you can hold your scores steady in all areas and increase your situps to at least 60, and maybe your pushups to 45, your CFA will look a lot better. And yes, I would retake to put yourself in a stronger position.
Should i re-take the CFA?

I got
4 Pull Ups
35 Sit ups
35 Push ups
60' Ball throw
8.5 Shuttle Run
5:40 Mile

It's one of the only two things that you'll actually have control over changing your Senior year in High School. You rally can't positively change your GPA (except down!) much and your activities the same. The only other thing in your control now is the CFA and your SAT/ACT test scores.
Thanks for the info, are they asking for full sit ups or are they asking for crunches? Is it as many as you can do in 2 minutes or just as many as you can do, when i got that number of 35 i was doing it timed in gym class and it was how many i could do in a minute and that is the number my gym teacher entered, i could probably knock off close to 100 if i had a few minutes
OK... i did my fitness test and here are my scores

66' bball thow
22 pull ups
8.6 sec shuttle run
96 sit ups
113 pushups
6:02 mile run

On the website it says:
"Candidates' raw scores will be converted to scale scores (0-100 points) based upon their performance on each event. The 100-point maximum score, by event and gender, are listed in the table below. A candidate who achieves the 100-point level on any of the first five events should not attempt further repetitions, as this will not improve his/her score."

These maximums are:
102' bball thow
18 pull ups
7.8 sec shuttle run
95 sit ups
75 pushups
5:20 mile run

I've heard if you are exceptional in any area it could improve your chances. Does anybody know if this is true? If so, what is considered to be "exceptional?"
I've been dealing with some knee issues for a while, so my mile and shuttle run times aren't great. I think I could bring my mile and shuttle run down a considerable amount in a month. I think I could also add 5 pullups, a few pushups, and 30+ situps if I work at it. Will it help me at all if I improve and retake it even though I already maxed out three of the exercises?
Adding 5 pull-ups will not change your score; once you hit the maximum, 18, your done and you cannot receive additional points for exceeding the maximum. So, if you want to work on the CFA work on the sub-maximum events.

PS Your scores are awesome. Now, tell us your 6'6" and 250 lbs.

Don't you mean tell us your 5'6" 140? Haha I've noticed smaller guys tend to do okay on the basketball throw and excellent in the other fields while the bigger guys tend to kill the bball throw and do good in the others.
Now, tell us your 6'6" and 250 lbs.

I wish. DanielLee is just about right on. I'm 5' 7.5" and 145 lbs. And I'll never be able to throw a bball farther than 66'. I think it's impossible. JK but it amazes me that kids can max out this execise. Before the test I was throwing more like 50'. I'm not really sure how to improve on this one.
Feedback on CFA

Here are my stats on CFA... not great, not awful

72 ft. Bball throw
13 Pull-ups
8.2 Shuttle run
67 Situps
65 pushups
8:00 Mile

I can really run about a 6:00 mile, I just cramped up and had to run it inside (because of Snow in Colorado :shake:) and so it was 18 laps around the gym so pacing myself was almost impossible. How do these look? I'll probably be taking it again, just any feedback would be great. Thanks all. Have an awesome Christmas Eve!

When they say you shouldn't do more than the max in any event, they mean it. All it does is tire you out more so that you may not do as well in a subsequent event. Your test administrator should know the max for each event and stop you once you reach it. I realize everyone says to do your very best, but it's also important to follow instructions. You'll have plenty of time in your career/life to do more than the max. Don't waste your energy doing so on the CFA.

As for the poster above, scores are fine other than the run, assuming you're a guy. Will it keep you out? IMO, no. However, I'm not USNA, so this IS ONLY MY OPINION. If you think you can retake, keep other scores the same, and get your run down to <7:00, I'd retake. Otherwise, don't bother.

And, yes, you can get some bonus points for doing really well on the CFA. However, the bonus is equivalent to lots of other things you can do -- like Eagle Scout, being a son/daughter of a military member, being varsity captain, etc. That said, your CFA alone will NOT make up for an otherwise deficient record.