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    Jan 24, 2018
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    I need to take the CFA, but I would prefer to take it with other candidates. Does USMA offer any way for me to do this. Thanks.
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    May 28, 2018
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    This is what I suggest, contact each of your liaison officers for the academies you're applying to, and ask them if they are willing to proctor a CFA for you. If they're unable/unwilling then ask them if they know of any other candidates in the area that need to take or want to re-take the CFA. Then contact the athletic director/Phys-Ed teacher at your High School and ask them to proctor the test for you. If they can't/won't then check the other high-schools in your area. Many high-school PE teachers have proctored this test before, so you should find someone close by that can help.

    My DS passed his CFA at SLE but he's sure he can score much better on a re-take, so he asked his liaisons, but they all declined to help since he already had a passing score. He then contacted the athletic directors/Phys-Ed teachers at the three closest high-schools and two of them responded with a YES! One school had proctored the test before and the other had not but they were willing to do it anyway. My DS is homeschooled and we live in a fairly non-competitive area of the country, so if he can do it, so can you. Remember, the CFA is one of the requirements that the academies expect you to take care of somewhat on your own. It's probably one of the ways they can tell how committed you are to pursuing an appointment, and how self-reliant you can be when necessity demands it.

    You can do this. You might even be surprised at easy it is to find so many people close by that are willing to help you. Remember to read: Documents/CFA_Instructions.pdf

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    Keep in mind that the CFA is best proctored on 1:1 basis. There are strict time requirements for each exercise and each rest interval, and it’s harder to keep track of that when proctoring more than one candidate. The SAs can pull this off at their summer sessions because of all the detailers. Does help to bring a friend or sibling, though; someone who can videotape the pull-ups and hold feet down for the sit-ups.