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    My problem now is the comparison's in Academies. I'm an official candidate to both USNA and USAFA, with Navy as my first choice. After my first CFA I received orders from AF to retake it, as they prefer you only perform it once. At first I thought it was good news, I knew I hadn't done well but if they were taking the time to send me orders to try again, they must have been interested...right? Well I re-scheduled my CFA for this Saturday and sent in a request to Navy to re-do it also which was a no problem thing. But really, how important will my CFA be deemed? I am in no way a stellar candidate and have been struggling every step of the way, but I've gotten this far. I was average in my shuttle run and mile run, above average in the basketball throw and crunches but far below average in pullups and pushups. I am pretty concerned with all this because I know that the Academy is what I want. Advice?
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    You can check with your RD on how well you did. USNA generally focuses on mile, pushups and crunches. If you can improve, there's no downside to resubmitting.

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