CGA Graduates Billets by State


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Jun 9, 2006
A “Billet” is a destination, which when paired with a position or title is the military equivalent of a job assignment. Billets are assigned by the “Detailer” based on Coast Guard needs and the person’s status and qualifications. Most newly graduated ensigns are placed in billets on Coast Guard cutters (ships) though some are assigned to a Coast Guard “Sector” (shore job), or go directly to flight school.

Class of 2007 Billets by State

Florida: 45 (19 to Flight School in Pensacola)
California: 27
Virginia: 25
Washington: 23
Alaska, South Carolina: 14 each
Massachusetts: 12
New Hampshire: 11
Oregon: 8
New Jersey, New York, Texas: 5 each
North Carolina: 4
Michigan, Mississippi, Puerto Rico: 3 each
Alabama, Hawaii, Minnesota, Rhode Island: 2 each
Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin: 1 each
Additionally, 15 ensigns were assigned overseas to ports in Guam, St. Lucia, Lithuania and elsewhere.
Thanks for posting such great info Boss. SC must be a popular place to go. :biggrin: No wonder my kid is having a hard time finding a cutter for his internship.... Anyhow, I just saw the neatest story on CNN on GCA & graduation. They gave a short look into some of the training equipment. Very cool. Had an awesome interview with one of the women graduates. Fear not that the protesting will take away from this day! Last year at KP, the kids didn't even realize there were protestors around. Probably a good thing....

Congrats to the Class of 2007

I just finished watching the live stream of the CGA Class of 2007 graduation. Very impressive ceremony. President Bush did a nice job and was a very good sport handing out the diplomas. He took a pair of sunglasses from a kid and put them on and gave the thumbs up when their picture was taken...funny. :thumb:

Also congrats to the underclassmen who were promoted especially a certain new 2/c.:biggrin: see below
Very interesting Boss. I learned something new today! :thumb:
Thank you as well. Next week they will be doing damage control training and "rules of the road." The latter is such things as navigation and other sea topics, both of which takes place at the Academy.:cool:

In case anybody's interested, here is a link to info about the rules of the road...a 216 page manual. Sort of like your drivers manual on steroids.
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Yipee! They can't stop me from doing anything crazy in my canoe. Its right there in black & white. :wink:

I probably shouldn't have said that outloud I'll bet......