Chance me ROTC


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Oct 4, 2017
Hi y'all,

I was wondering if you could size up my chances for the Army ROTC scholarship.

I am applying for the final board and here are my stats. My number one choice is the Badger Battalion and I've been accepted at Wisconsin.

GPA: 3.7 UW 4.6 W
ACT: 32
Activities: Boy Scouts (Eagle Scout, SPL), Varsity Tennis 4 years, Model UN President and 4 year member, NHS, Best Buddies.

Physical Test:
39 Push ups 1 min
37 Sit Ups 1 min
6:30 mile
Nail your interview with a smart suit and based on what I know to be true, you have an excellent shot at it.

Good Luck!
West pointhopeful,

There a a lot that goes into this. Where your baseline of information is very good the selection process goes far deeper. To that end nobody can truly tell you what your chances are; bottom line if it’s what you want apply.

Although my experiences is all Navy with 3 going through this I can tell you that you or anybody else will have no idea where you stand when it comes to your candidate score compared to another.

Good luck!
I received three 4 year AROTC scholarships last board, and you are definitely qualified in an academic sense and club wise. However, your push-ups and sit-ups are rather low, but your mile time definitely usurps those. I'd say you have a rather good chance of receiving a scholarship. I would recommend attempting to augment your push-ups and sit-up range into the 50s or 60s. Good luck.
If you are a Junior, you are looking good because you have more time to improve your package even more. Good mile run. Little low on push ups and sit ups and thin on Varsity Team Sports for West Point but you look fine for AROTC Program since civilian colleges are giving you Admissions based on slightly different factors than West Point and the AROTC Scholarship. You should do Boys State for sure. If you have major Awards earned in the Activities you participated that would be a bonus.
I'm guessing the OP is a senior, since he said he's already been accepted at Wisconsin. If that's the case, I'm guessing the application should be completed by now and it is what it is. Like @clarksonarmy said, apply and you have a chance. Don't apply and you'll never have a chance. Kind of like playing the lottery.