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    Hello everyone on the forum. Im currently a rising senior seking admissions to all of the service academys and also ROTC programs. Ive long been wanting to be an officer in the military and particularly a pilot for a very long time. But currently I do not believe I have the standards to be admited. Im going to list my creditentials and I would very much apperciate any constructive critisism for improving my chances of admissions to a service academy or ROTC program.

    3.2 GPA (unweighted)
    SAT 990 (math and reading - will retake)
    AS - 4 in AFJROTC - C/SMsgt
    Eagle scout and senior patrol leader
    Boys state
    Technical theatre
    Both parents are military officers

    Thank you for any advice in advance!
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    SATs and GPA need to go up. A sport would help as well. Being an eagle scout and a senior patrol leader will help you out a lot in the leadership department. If your parents are AD officers, I believe you are eligible for a presidential nom.
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    I'm thinking the SAT needs to go WAY up, as does your GPA. No sports? No job?
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    The scores are on the low side for one of the SAs. This does not mean you shouldn't apply. If you don't apply, the answer is always no.

    Work on improving the SAT and also take the ACT if you can (some people find it to be a friendlier test....mileage may vary on that). I'd go ahead and get involved in a sport if you haven't already (if for no other reason, the sport participation should help get you/keep you in shape).

    Regarding ROTC, are you talking about a scholarship or going college program? If you are college program, you just need to be accepted to a college/university that has the ROTC branch you are looking for, and then enroll in the program. ROTC scholarships are, of course, a different animal and they are tougher to get.

    If you find yourself unable to obtain an appointment to an SA, just remember that if your ultimate goal is a commission, there are other ways to get it. If you enroll in ROTC as a college program student and do well, you should be able to be contracted and eventually commissioned. IF you haven't considered it yet, you might want to also think about a Senior Military College (SMC). These are schools like Virginia Military Institute (VMI-my alma mater), The Citadel, Texas A&M, Norwich, etc. These schools give a similar lifestyle to the SAs, and allow you to pursue a commission via ROTC. In my very biased opinion, they are a great "Plan B" or even "Plan A." Generally speaking, the admissions standards for SMCs are not as competitive as the SAs, and your lower numbers wouldn't, necessarily, be as big of an issue. I think VMI and A&M's scores may be a little higher (on average, that is) than say The Citadel or Norwich, but not by leaps and bounds. All are very strong schools.

    Check out the portion of the forums addressing ROTC and/or SMCs. There are several guys on here besides me who went that route. Bruno is an example, and is very helpful in giving out info on the SMCs.

    Good luck.
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