Chances of AROTC scholarship

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    Nov 27, 2017
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    Rank: 77/756
    unweighted GPA: 3.73 (primarily honors and AP/dual enrollment)
    HPA: 4.59
    SAT: 1240 super scored, 1230 highest single test
    National Honor Society-12
    National social studies honor society-11,12
    National English honor society-12

    2017 Florida American Legion Boys State delegate
    JROTC- squad leader and platoon leader
    Church- kitchen crew group leader and organizer
    Possibly will be captain track and field

    Varsity cross country- 10,11,12
    Varsity track and field- 10,11,12
    Accomplishments: xc district champion team 11th grade, wall of fame

    Community Service/Extracurricular
    130 hours
    State park volunteer for about a year
    Red Cross volunteer
    Church volunteer-9,10
    Neighborhood community volunteer-9,10,11,12

    ROTC PFA scores (age 17, weight 145 lbs, height 6'):
    Push up (1 min)- 43
    Curl up (1 min)- 53
    1 mile run- 5:19

    I put major as civil engineering, will this impact my chances?
    Also, what is the difference between the 4 year and 3 year advanced designee scholarship? Is it easier to obtain the 3 year?
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    If you’ve applied you have a chance. A 4 year scholarship pays for 4 years, while a 3AD scholarship pays for the last 3 years of school. 3AD offers are usually made to applicants with lower whole person scores.