Chances of getting AFROTC Scholarship


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Sep 22, 2008
Hi all, I am applying for AFROTC scholarship and I'm wondering what my chances are for getting one.

-I have around a 3.0 GPA at an extremely competitive high school in Manhattan with 50 students per class.
-SAT 680 CR 630 MATH 600 WRITING
-Varsity Track/Cross Country since Freshman year
-Peer Leader (Help a small group of Freshmen get used to school)
-Senior Rep to Student Govt
-Volunteer at Hospital During Weekends

I know my grades aren't that hot, but my SAT's are OK and I do have some leadership experience.

Any help would be appreciated.
Alot of it depends on what the AF is willing to give out that particular year. Its also going to depend on your major. If you are going to major in engineering, meteorology, a foreign language or something else the AF needs, then Id say you have a solid shot.

But if youre going non-tech, you really should focus on bringing up your GPA. Try to load up on extracurriculars and do well in your interview. Other than the GPA my stats looked similar to yours and they gave me one. Good luck!
Thanks for the reply.

I really can't do anything about my GPA since I am now a senior and the senior grades do not count, but I do plan on having a technical major. I'm sure the Air Force needs computer engineering majors much more than it needs creative writing majors!
Remember there are several types of scholarships. Our DS got one and he is not in the engineering field (Scholars Program for International Studies and Government).

Also your grades do count still and they will ask for an updated transcript...colleges will to, so don't slack off! Showing that you are continuing an upward trend will impress them, showing that you already have senioritis will make them re-think your candidacy.
Make sure that you get your application in BEFORE December. The more boards that meet and see your file the more likely you will receive a scholarship. If you win an award after you can update your file.

My S's interview she asked him three questions and the rest of the time she asked for advice on buying a new computer. I am not sure if she really needed a computer but she able to have a relaxed converstion with him and see who he really is as a person.

Be yourself.
Just A Wife is right, there is a cut-off date so make sure you have submitted your entire package as soon as possible.
Thanks to all for your replies. I will get on top of those as soon as possible.