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    Hi, I am a junior in high school and USAFA is my top school. I wanted to know what you all think my chances of getting in are based on my profile. I hold leadership positions, decent academics, but I lack in athletics.

    -3.82 gpa unweighted/4.7 weighted
    -psat of 1260 without studying, projected first sat score of 1350
    -All Honors and AP student (took 1 AP in 10th, 3 as a junior, planning on 3 as a senior)
    -president of Spanish Club
    -Coordinator (officer position) for class government
    -Anti-Defamation League Peer Trainer
    -Member of Technology Student Association, Rocketry, and Robotics Clubs
    -Civil Air Patrol
    -Honors Band
    -was CEO of a company in my state's Free Enterprise Week
    -Played JV soccer 2 years (took junior year off after breaking an ankle)
    -JV track and field in 9th grade
    -Planning on running XC as a senior instead of returning to soccer
    -Ultimate Frisbee as a spring sport for 10th/11th/12th grades

    I also work after school, and I tutor in Spanish because I have to pay for my own car insurance and gym membership, so a lot of time goes into that.
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    You are looking strong academically and the plethora of activities keeps you well rounded but honestly no one knows for sure your chances. Unfortunately, a huge part in acceptance is where you live and how easy it is to receive a nomination and be the "best" looking applicant in the bunch. Keep up the hard work though and start your application as early as you can. Also, I can't stress leadership enough as this is something that the Academy loves to see and make sure to apply for all eligible nominations (ie: two state senators, congressional representative, vice-president, and any others you are eligible for). Embrace the ride as it can have its ups and downs but never forget you dreams! Best of luck!
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