1. S

    Anyone receive nominations yet?

    Good evening! I just wanted to ask regarding the timeline of receiving nominations and this point, I have everything complete in my application, and my liaison officer told me that all is just the waiting game now. Has anyone received any nominations yet? Or when have...
  2. USMA2025Cadet

    Recruited Athlete Timeline

    Hello forums community, I was wondering if anyone knew a broad timeline for potential recruited athletes? This being in the sense of when a student should fill out the questionnaire for their sport and contact the coaching team, as well as the general time-frame for when recruited athletes are...
  3. S

    Earliest time for appointment

    I have just finished my DODMERB and have just received a nomination (to USNA) from my JROTC instructor. When is the earliest I can receive a letter of Appointment to USNA?
  4. S

    Admission Competition

    When I went to NASS (Naval Academy Summer Seminar) one of the midshipmen told me that to get an appointment you are really only competing against people from your state. They continued to say that this is why it's very hard to get an appointment from Virginia or Maryland (I am from South...
  5. P

    USCGA Office Hours?

    Does anyone know if the USCGA Admissions office is open on the weekend? I have been trying to get in contact with LT Rivera for a few days, but I have not been able to reach her. I sort of have an urgent situation, which is why I am asking.
  6. S

    Appointee Tour Date Email with No Appointment

    I received an email today congratulating me on receiving an appointment to USAFA and inviting me to tours at USAFA. I have not received a separate email saying I was offered an appointment nor has my portal updated saying I was accepted. Is it possible that my email was put in the chain for the...
  7. D

    Got Into the Naval Academy! "Folder" in the mail

    I have received and accepted my offer of appointment for USNA's class of 2023. I've received a "folder" in the mail just now which contained a Certificate of Accomplishment and a large picture with descriptions on the back. Is this the permit to report package? The timing fits, but what I know...
  8. S

    Acceptance date deadline for those with offer of appointment.

    What is the date that you have to notify the USNA if they offered an appointment?
  9. U

    Permit to Report Package

    Hello! I have received and accepted my offer of appointment for USNA’s class of 2023. I am excited/anxious for I-Day and was wondering if anyone knew the general time that the permit to report packages would be sent out. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
  10. Kabobthebob

    How can someone be committed this early?

    Hello all, I recently say someone from my school and grade being congratulated on social media for being committed to the Navy for 2024 and I am very happy for them. I have never talked to this person but I know that they are very good at their sport and I believe this may be a factor. I am...
  11. C

    Next appointment rush?

    Appointments for the 13th have gone out and if we didn’t hear back, does anyone know when the next “rush” might be? Or if they’re just going to release them at a steady rate for the next few weeks into April? I know that the whole March 13th appointment rush may just have been conjecture, but...
  12. W

    Appointment CO 23' Thread

    Hi! I received an appointment to USAFA this past Wednesday(2/20)! MA 07. Going to accept. USNAPS and USMA appointee as well. Keep it going!
  13. S

    New here! What does DD and DS stand for?

    my daughter just got an appointment to the AF academy Wednesday and I wanted to update the appointment thread but I have no idea what DD or DS stands for. I’m sorry! Will someone please explain? Thank you!
  14. S

    Timeframe for Admissions Decision

    Hello, I am applying to USNA class of 2023. I finished my application very early back in October. Unfortunately the rep in my district and my senators have a later nomination period. I received nominations from my rep and a senator late last year. Both of the nominations showed up on my portal...
  15. T

    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    any nominations from Colorado esp with Sen. Bennet and Sen Gardner?
  16. J

    IT and Cyber Security Trade School

    Hello all, this will be my first post here, I've been interested in the Naval Academy since February of last year, for a multitude of reasons that others before me have had, but another reason that I believe is special to me. The Cyber Operations Major. Since November last year, I decided...
  17. H

    Have 2 Noms but still nervous

    Hi, Last week I received the amazing news that I received two nominations from my MOC for USAFA. I live in Mississippi, one is from my senator and one from my congressmen. I finished up my application a month ago, and am 3Q. My family and school faculty are congratulating me heavily because I...
  18. C

    Notification Date?

    Although it's still early in April, should we be expecting an answer within the next week? I am still on HOLD as of right now. I'm a recruited athlete so I am pretty confident, but at this point I know anything can happen! Trying to stay positive.
  19. P

    Chances of getting in?

    Hi, I am a junior in high school and USAFA is my top school. I wanted to know what you all think my chances of getting in are based on my profile. I hold leadership positions, decent academics, but I lack in athletics. -3.82 gpa unweighted/4.7 weighted -psat of 1260 without studying, projected...
  20. E

    Accepted but no BFE?

    A little over a week ago I received emails, phone calls, and letters from both of my congressmen that nominated me saying I was receiving an appointment to the Naval Academy. A few days after that I got the official email from the school and have already accepted the offer. However, I have not...