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    Tips to make myself more competitive for USAFA Appointment

    I'm currently a rising Sophmore aspiring to attend USAFA and earn a pilot slot. I am looking for tips to make myself more competitive over the rest of my high-school career. Are there any classes I should take? Any extracurricular tips? This is something I understand I need to put large amounts...
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    No Official Appointment But Invited to Air Force Academy Class Appointee Event

    We just received an email saying "Congratulations. You have been selected to attend the United States Air Force Academy Class Appointee Event!..." But we have no official email or status update of an official appointment or acceptance in the Air Force Academy. Anyone else had this experience...
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    Admit kit form

    Good morning! During todays schoolday, I checked my West Point portal to see a new Admit kit form and instructions for appointments. The congressman hasnt called me because I did not own a phone while I was applying for the nomination(so he doesn't have my phone number). Does this mean I have...
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    Appointment After Nomination

    I received a congressional nomination in the mail today and can see it in my portal; I'm absolutely stoked! Does anyone know roughly how long it takes before admissions will notify me with their decision concerning an appointment? I also have an LOE: does this make their decision quicker? Thanks!
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    Dilemma: USNA or USAFA?

    Hello all! I have been accepted to USAFA for class of '25, and have not yet heard from Navy. However, I am trying to prepare myself for the possibility that I might have to make a very difficult decision in the next few weeks if I'm also accepted to USNA. I wanted to get some experienced...
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    Difficult District and Medical Disqualification

    Good Evening, I have been consuming a lot of this forum, but I decided it was about time I posted a question myself. So I've received a Nomination to USAFA from a particularly hard district (700+ Applicants in CO-01), and been served a Medical Disqualification. I have noticed many people of...
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    Confirmed Appointment Not in Portal Yet

    My congressman called last week to inform me that I am appointed into USNA. I am more than delighted, and he said that it should appear in my portal within a day. However, Friday, the weekend, and most of today has passed and there is still no appointment in either portal, the old and new. How...
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    Appointment Arrival for the USMA?

    Good evening, everyone. I just received word yesterday from my Senator’s office via the phone that I’ve been awarded an appointment to the USMA Class of 25’. Any idea when my BFE will arrive in the mail? Thanks!
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    Appointment Reception for USNA

    I just received a call this morning from my state’s representative in which I received a nomination from that I had been awarded an appointment to the United States Naval Academy. My portal does not yet show the appointment, and I was wondering when it would update? Also when do you think my...
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    Appointment Timeline and Question

    Good evening, This is my first time posting on the Air Force Academy Forums, so I apologize if I make any formatting mistakes. I am an applicant for the Air Force Academy for the Class of 2025. I completed my application back in early November, got a presidential nomination in October, and...
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    Let's say a candidate gets accepted into one academy (say, USXA), but reeeally wants another. For example, a candidate gets accepted to US"X"A, but really wants USMMA. But USXA has a deadline to accept an appointment. If the candidate is still technically in the running for USMMA, is it best to...
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    Other Service Academy Appointment

    Got a DD here who really wants USNA. Applied to the other academies, and is hearing some positive things back from some of them regarding their respective applications, but no word on USNA. So I got a question; if DD gets an appointment to "X" Academy, is it a good idea to tell USNA about it, in...
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    Grad School Opportunities?

    How does grad school work for USCGA graduates? Does it count as a tour? Does the USCG pay for it, or do graduates pay out of pocket? Or do they use the GI Bill instead? Are USCGA graduates even eligible for any GI Bill benefits? Does the USCG have a say in what you will study, or are you given...
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    To those who are accepted. . .

    What do you think got you accepted for an appointment over the competition?
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    Does USAFA Have a Wait List?

    Anyone know if the Academy has a wait list? I've realized that with the timeline of all the appointments being given out now, I'm definitely not even close to being their first choice. I'm starting to realize that I probably won't be accepted, but even so, it would be an honor to even be...
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    Received Appointment...Am Unsure

    Hello! I received an appointment to the Air Force Academy this past week, however I am unsure if I should accept. For background, I received a Type 1AFROTC Scholarship, a MCROTC Scholarship, and many smaller scholarships that have guaranteed I’ll be attending college for free. I know for sure...
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    By April 1 – Regular Admission decisions released?

    So just for clarification, all admissions decisions are made by April 1st, but appointments can be offered before this time; is this correct? Additionally, are most appointments released before this date, or on this date? Do sports play a major factor in getting an appointment before the deadline?
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    Hello everybody, I am currently a candidate for both the USAFA and USNA. 2 weeks ago, I received an email from DoDMerb stating that I owe them a remedial regarding a condition I was diagnosed with. I am almost done collecting all the documents I need, but I was wondering, is my application on...
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    CGAS/Application Question/Help

    First off, some backstory. Last year, I applied to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. I ended up on the waitlist for CGAS. I never got off the waitlist, and in reality I'm very lucky that I was not outright rejected as I had no medical on file (I was in a tough spot and chose to enlist ASAP instead...
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    Application Question

    How long does it generally take for the Medical status to show up on the USMMA application portal after a decision from DODMERB? i.e. DoDMERB shows a status such as "Qualified"-- When would USMMA acknowledge this on the application portal?