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Jul 17, 2006

8th grade (high school classes):

Algebra 1 HONORS: A
Spanish 1: A
Algebra 1 HONORS: A
Spanish 1: A


Biology Pre-IB: B
Geometry Pre-IB: A
Spanish Pre-IB: A
English Pre-IB: B
Biology Pre-IB: B
Spanish Pre-IB: B
Geometry Pre-IB: B
English Pre-IB: B

10th Grade:

Government: A
Algebra 2 HONORS: B
Spanish 2: A
English 2 HONORS: A
Chemistry HONORS: B
Algebra 2 HONORS: A
Chemistry HONORS: B
AP Macro Economics: B
English 2 HONORS: A
Spanish 2: A

UW GPA: 3.6
W GPA: 3.9

-----> Will have an AA degree before I apply to academies <-------

Predicted SATS:

600 Writing
620 Math
550 Verbal

- eagle scout
- in cap
- community service
- 2 varsity letters
- Other great ones trust me.

Agreed Z but the SAT's have to improve. Maybe take a prep course as those numbers are on the lower end. Good luck!
Yeah. I'm not familiar with the new SAT scale, so I'll defer on that point. :frown:
I'm am an amateur admissions handicapper.

My research indicates that your stats are probably good enough to get a candidate number and maybe get into summer seminar. However your (predicted) SAT scores do not fit the profile of a successful (appointment) candidate that I have studied from my area. My kid doesn't either (yet).

80% of the successful candidates in my area have SATs in the 1400 range. The rest have SATs in the 1300s. If you lived in my state, it would be unlikely that you would get an interview with a Senator. The Senator's rep told me that my son would need SAT scores in the 1300 range (Math and CR) to be competitive for a nomination.

Please note: I have interviewed 10 people - all white males - who received non-athletic appointments right out of high school - as this is my son's profile. As well as one person who received a Falcon Foundation scholarship (in otherwords did not receive an appointment - he had SAT scores similar to yours, but his extra-curriculars weren't as impressive as yours are).

As has been said elsewhere on these forums, you are competing with kids who have been grooming themselves since they were 5 years old for one of these spots. The competition is intense. Everything you do with regard to your application except the medical is graded and compared with other applications.

Don't panic, you have time, but you should start studying for the SATs now. And you should strive to bring up your grades in school. They look at your junior year the most.

From what I've read, Class Rank is the #1 stat that the academies use in their scoring. I'm guessing that your class rank is in the top 30-35% or so. That would make this stat more of a liability than a strength in your case. But you have good rigor in your course work.

The AFA asks for your writing SAT score on the preliminary application. I do not know if they are actually using it yet.

Hope this helps.
Oops, I forgot to mention something.

The one fellow I interviewed who had similar SAT scores to yours - the one who did not get an appointment... He did not get a nomination either. But he continued to work on his application to the AFA anyway. He discussed his case with the AFA admissions people. He had his private pilots license (it helps when your dad owns a plane), but other than this, his extra-curriculars were ok, but not that not impressive.

He received encouragement from the AFA people and he ended up getting a partial Falcon Foundation scholarship and is now in college in New Mexico I believe. I'll be he gets a nomination and gets an appointment this year.

Persistence pays. :thumb:

Thank you for replying,

I feel as if I was destined to become a pilot. I might not be booksmart but I have alot of common sense and dedication (proof of this is my eagle scout award and my kinda high gpa) so I just feel as if I was meant for it. My brother did AFROTC at University of Florida and he said they were all smart but somewhat out of shape and no common sense. Also in the "rating system" that they have to reccommend you to pilot training 40% of it is a whole person sort of deal for instance the Colonel liked my brother alot and had 40% of the say, something like that I might be off a little bit. Also another percentage is officer qualifying test, fitness level training, leadership in AFROTC, and other stuff. It just seems that the academy recruits awesome people but a few slip in there where even though there really smart theyre not meant to be pilots. Anyone get my point?
You are right on several counts. The only reason I focused on the SAT is beause you are weak and the SAT is something that is improvable.

Don't sell yourself short in the Academics department. There are many colleges who would regard your SAT scores as an asset. At the Academies however, you just meet the minimum requirements as far as SAT scores go.

I'll be going into the 10th grade this year and I am extremely interested in applying to the United States Naval Academy, NROTC with the Marine Corps option, the United States AirForce Academy, and West Point.
My first pick would be USNA, but I want to keep my options open. I want to become an officer in the Marine Corps and I hope that I can become an officer going down the Naval Academy path.
I was wondering how I am doing so far, if anyone could help.
9th grade
gpa:4.0 (conceptual physics H, P.E., English 9 H, computers, Spanish II, Geometry H)
eca:girl scouts with bronze, and silver awards/ working on gold award
venturing with 2 bronze awards, working on gold, quest, and ranger awards
Competitive soccer 4 years (11 years playing)
Community service
Run the trainings for venturing
and others...

if anyone could please tell me how I am doing so far, it would be really appreciated! I have already started talking to my BGO, and he has sent me in an airplane to experience if my dream of flying is really there, and it is! I want to become an officer, more though then to fly and if that means I get to fly then great, but I know that if I do get into a SA or ROTC, I will bust my butt so hard, that by the end of it all I won't be able to sit for the rest of my life.
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