Chances/Suggestion for AFROTC Scholarship Application?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by rw1739, Oct 22, 2015.

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    Hi, I was wondering if I have a good chance of receiving a type 7 AFROTC scholarship. Here are my stats:

    ACT: 29 Composite, 35 Math, 28 English, 25 Reading, 27 Science (not available to retake)
    GPA: UW 3.81
    AP/Honors: AP Physics, AP Calculus AB, Algebra 2 Honors, LA 9 Honors, LA 10 Honors
    Varsity Sports:
    -Varsity Tennis for two years, ranked number one player, all-league honorable mention
    -STUNT (acrobatics/gymnastics), considered a new varsity sport for one year
    -Varsity Competitive Cheerleading for four years, Captain for 2015-2016 season*, 4th in State 2013, 3rd in State 2014, 8th in Nation 2014, State Champions 2015, 5th in World 2015
    School Clubs:
    -National Honor Society
    -Natural Helpers
    -Sideline Cheerleading, Captain 2015-2016 season*
    Community Service:
    -Volunteer Ski Instructor for 1 year
    -Team member in my local Search and Rescue Unit, 125+ hours
    -Union Gospel Mission Volunteer
    -Frequent Blood Donor
    Work Experience:
    -Ski Instructor, 2 years
    -Camp Counselor
    -Girl Scout for entire life, Bronze and Silver Award
    -Youth Group

    Also, I am not sure which major I should put down as my first choice. I am very interested in Operations Research, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics. Does one of these majors give me a better chance of receiving the scholarship?

    As for my fitness, my pushups and sit-ups are above average while I am struggling a little more with my 1.5 mile time. What is a good goal for my 1.5 mile time? My current is 13:15

    Thank you for your time!

    *Even though I am captain for my senior year on my cheer team, we began in April and practiced throughout the summer
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    Your stats are on par for a type 7. However, nobody knows the pool size or the stats of the candidates applying. Historically, type 7 ACT composite is where you are at currently. Please understand that the ACT is only portion of your PAR (academic record)
    ~ I get you have a 3,81, but there are @2000 HS in the nation. This is why they look at the school profile and your rank too. The profile will include the% that go Ivy, 4 yr, 2 yr, or work force. Saying you have a 3.81 without including those details, really can't be used to judge your stats. 3.81, top 15% and 25% go Ivy, is different than 3.81 that 0% go Ivy. One is from a very competitive school from an academic perspective, the other is not.

    I beg and plead you not to go down this rabbit hole. AFROTC scholarship is a 4 year scholarship, but it has fine print written in the offer. If not selected as a sophomore for Summer Field Training (SFT), chances are they will disenroll you from AFROTC. If you need that scholarship to attend college, it is going to be an issue for you.
    ~ SFT selection board does not take into consideration at all whether or not the cadet is on scholarship. It is basically a blank slate once you start your freshmen year in ROTC.
    ~ People here call it a 2+2 scholarship. Guaranteed for the 1st 2 years, if selected for SFT and graduate from SFT they will extend it for 2 more years.
    ~~ It is not like AROTC or NROTC where it is a true 4 year scholarship if you adhere to their guidelines.

    If you select a major to "game" aka better chance, than you could hurt yourself in the long run for SFT selection. Transferring your major within the tech world will not be insanely hard, BUT what you probably don't understand is you will only have 3 semesters for them to look at when it comes to this selection. The avg gpa for tech majors is @3.0/3.1. If you hate that major, and pull a 2.7 your 1st semester, than you need to really pull it up for the next 2 semesters to get to the avg.
    ~ It happens year after year with STEM major candidates wanting to transfer into a new degree because academically they hate it!!!

    Additionally there is a double edge sword to some of those majors if you want to go rated (Pilot, CSO, RPA, ABM). If the AF turns and says those degrees are critically manned for ADAF, they may say that you can't go rated, because we need you to be an ME.
    ~ Thus, yes, you got the short term goal of a scholarship for 4 years, but you may not have the chance to go into a career field you really wanted due to your major.

    Good luck

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