chances with asthma?


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Feb 4, 2008
Hi im a long time reader short time poster and i just wanted to ask a question about DoDMERB
My daughter is 16 years old, a sophmore and really interested in the service academies. She runs varsity xc and plays varsity tennis, be we are rather worried about her mild asthma. She is a very good runner with a mile time of 6:30 but I don't know if she will be able to get a waiver for her mild asthma. She doesn't use an inhaler all the time but she has used it before on an off occasion. She is really nervous because she doesnt want to commit a lot of her time to train and then be turned down because of something like mild asthma. I just wondered if there if anyone has any advice as what she should continue doing in her high school career before she has to take the medical examination or any encouragement for her or if anyone has any experience with this sort of problem. Thanks in advance!
While you're waiting for the Doc to respond (and you may have already done this) -- search all the previous posts about asthma and even seasonal allergies -- lots of info here in the old posts that can give you an idea of how the SA's will look at it.

Good luck!
I will never tell anyone not to apply, and what I'm about to write may sound bad, but there is still 1.5 years before she can get her physical examination and kids can change quickly.

As you are aware your daughter will bi issued a disqualification for asthma/reactive airway disease after the 13th birthday. If she is still using an inhaler, even intermittently at the time of her physical examination a waiver will be very difficult to obtain, regardless of her physical activities.

My suggestion would be for her to visit her physician and explain to him/her what she is aiming for. It may be that does not require the inhaler any longer. Do not stop using it without consulting a physician first!! The physician will make an entry in her medical records, and if he/she does say that the asthma has cleared, that will go a long way for the waiver authorities.

Again, if this is what she wants to do, continue to press on. You will never know if you do not try!!
Thanks for the replies and advice! My daughter has been on the forums a lot and she has received a lot of inspiration. She has stop using her inhaler for good, and is still going to try and apply for the class of 2014! After researching on this site, she feels even if she fails and doesn't get in, that it will be worth it for her in the end! Thank you again, you really helped her :smile:!
I know this thread's a year old, but I felt I should post here to let you know:

I've had asthma since I was three years old. I've used the inhaler throughout high school as a preventative measure before physical exertion (sports, etc). DoDMERB disqualified me, obviously. Last saturday I received my appointment from West Point. I went onto the website and, sure enough, I had been granted a medical waiver.

So asthma, even inhaler use, does not mean there's no chance. Good luck!
My son has an appointment to West Point and the Coast Guard Academy both of which required a wavier for asthma after the age of 13. This past summer, prior to his DoDMERB phyiscal exam, on the advise of our doctor my son went to a board certified allergist for a methacholine challenge test and he passed the test. So originally, DoDMERB DQed him because asthma was in his medical records, but USMA and CGA granted waivers because, I believe, he passed the methacholine test.

The test is not a gold standard, but many doctors believe that if you pass the test you do not have asthma. Bottom line, there is hope, but it will take some perseverance. Many of the appointees to the academies have some sort of wavier. Communicate with Larry Mullen. He is awesome. He helped me throughout the process and his motives are all good.

My son is visiting WP this week and will make his declension this weekend.
What may work for one, may not work for another. Most all conditions have a continuum and are individually based. My recommendation is for applicants to email me with their full name and last 4 of their SSN so I can explain realistic options for their particular case:thumb: