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    Always been extremely interested in attending and was wondering your guys thoughts on my chances. I am a rising senior at a top college prep school in the northeast. SAT and ACT will both be retaken as I know I can raise both scores. Amy feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

    Freshmen- 3.12
    Sophomore- 3.62
    Junior- 3.83

    So far cum is 3.55

    Member of National honor society

    ACT: 33
    SAT: 1375 ( out of 1600)

    4 year varsity hockey player and will be captain next year
    2 year varsity rugby

    Extra Curriculars
    President of Stock Market Club
    Member of Debate club
    Vice President of political awareness club (meet with politicians and publish a magazine)
    Member of Mock trial
    Founder and treasure of Full Court Peace club at my school- build and repair basketball courts in improvised areas
    Was a volunteer on the John Kasich presidential campaign- worked on talking to voters and coming up with strategy in state
    Work as a camp counselor at local country club- 3 years

    Go for a week to Appalachia through ASP- will be a group leader next year
    Volunteer at church- teach Sunday school to younger kids
    Volunteer with Storm hockey- teaching kids with special needs to play hockey
    Volunteer at rink- teaching kids to skate and play

    Along with other random volunteer events throughout year (charity dinner and such) average over 350 hrs every year throughout high school

    One of 20 students out of entire school (900) selected by school president to attend leadership retreat- identification of leaders in school community and work to improve on those skills

    Any feedback is much appreciated.
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    Your grades are your Achilles heal. That was my son's too, but his GPA was a 3.8. It is class standing that counts though, not GPA, so try to figure that out, and then attack your classes your first semester. Unless you are in a killer competitive district, you are very solid. Nice ACT, and you have the Athletics and leadership. If still possible, run for an officer position in student Government or NHS. Big points for that.

    Also, and I think all candidates should do this; attend a briefing at West Point admissions, then get the tour, and most importantly meet with the Regional Commander about your application. They will road map what you should do. They will even give you an assessment of where you currently stand within your district, as compared to other candidates. This is big time info. Sometimes you have to wait in line, but its worth it. And visiting West Point will always motivate you to work hard to get in. It is inspiring to say the least.
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    You don't list whether you taken challenging courses like AP and Honor classes especially in STEM subjects. That's also important.

    The key question that you need to find out is whether your school ranks.

    If your school does, you want to be in at least the top 20%.

    If your school doesn't, then your ACT/SAT scores will be used for your Whole Candidate Score, and given that your scores are very good, you would be competitive in my estimation.

    Whether you ultimately have a "chance" won't be known unless you apply.

    Other hurdles you have to overcome is your Candidate Fitness Assessment and your DoDMERBs and getting a nomination source.

    Agreed with @brovol, visit the campus, especially since you're from the Northeast and can afford to go to a prep school, you don't have an excuse not to visit.

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