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Jul 17, 2006
Your Status: Candidate*
Your Application is: Complete

this used to say you have been deemed competitive after Candidate, now it doesn't. Has any one else had this change?
Yup! Not to get your hopes up but that is exactly what D's did and a few days later the big envelope came in the mail. Never heard from the Sentor or Congressman to give her a heads up it was coming, just got it in the mail! Hope that's what happens for you too!
Thanks so much for the quick answer, my spouse has been TDY for the last 3 months. Almost spent the money to call him over there to calm me down. Son is "well ok I have ROTC at UF. But I really wanted this!"
My son's changed today, also. Wouldn't it be great if it means something significant?!?

Candidate for 2011's mom,
I'm not sure I could pull the boy off of the ceiling if the same thing happens to him.

And the waiting continues...
not to burst any bubbles just formed^^^, but mine also says that and im not expecting an appointment (only got a nom to USNA).

perhaps it means that your file has been reviewed and youve been found qualified? well whatever it means it can only be good! good luck!
Sure hope it is good news - but I guess you ought not get your hopes up to high, yet. My D's did exactly as you described. She had gotten an LOA in October and she had passed DoDMRB. Her noms came the last week of January and they showed up on the web page. Then, after a week or two the page turned exactly as you indicated. Finally, a few days later the big envelope arrived. About a week after the big envelope came, the web again changed to read "appointment offered". It could be a coincidence. Good Luck - and maybe be check the mailbox for a neat grey envelope with bold print on the outside, but better safe than sorry - maybe don't tell your son. Wouldn't want to get his hopes up only to be dashed.

Please let me know - I sure hope it is. I would hate to have gotten your hopes up for naught.
That's also the way it happened to my son - currently class of 2010. Good luck!
The asterik underneath the website's "candidate" area says the following:

*When you submit your application you become a "Prospect." When USAFA processes your application you become an "Applicant." Should USAFA deem you competitive and/or you receive a nomination, you will become a "Candidate." Note that you may recieve a nomination and still not be deemed competitive by USAFA.

FYI - we too hope that it also means the Appointment is just around the corner.

Your Status: Candidate* You have been deemed competitive.......
Your Application is: Complete

That is what it looked like 2 weeks ago. It has been like that since July, son has a Presidential nom. and 2 others.

I know the website can be funny. In early Jan. the website only showed his nom. from our congressman and the one from our senator wasn't there. What we figured out is they were changing the contact info on the congressman because he ran for another office and his replacement was now on the website and a day later the senator's nom. came back up.

There was a big white package in the mail box Monday couldn't wait to get it unwrapped from the mail, turned out it was a you got in for my D, she's going to law school and they sent it to her prem. address. This was one of her back up schools.

But now I know to look for a gray package, thanks CM2011.
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Status Change

The status on my son's online application also changed, as described, sometime Monday. My wife and I are hopeful that the "fat" package" from the academy is in the mail and will be delivered shortly.
Any word?

Any news from those of you who noticed the slight change to the status on the USAFA online application? Several responses to this thread have indicated that 2-3 days later, appointment packages were received.

Just wondering if there has been anything positive to report.
No we have been buried in ice, UPS didn't even come yesterday. RMA'd a video card and need to sign for it. My driveway is a ice rink there is 2 inches of ice on it. Told my son he couldn't go out unless he cleared the drive way. Three snow days he is feeling antsy.

So I really think that they are stacking the 1000 yes answers that they send out in March. Of cousre I could be wrong.
justawife - where are you all from? Sounds like lot's of cold - to much cold for this California kid! (well, okay I am a year or two older than a "kid" but that doesn't change that my California feet are used to going barefoot - doubt I could run out to get the mail wherever you are in my usual lack of footware!) Oh, and the big grey envelope came regular mail in the mailbox. So, presumably the whole "rain, snow, sleet or hail" motto of the USPS will ocme to play!

Keeping good thoughts for you - not just for the big grey envelope - but also for your feet running out to get the mail!
TD, as a matter of fact. . . when I got home today there was a message on our answering machine from the senator's office saying USAFA is going to mail an appointment offer to S on Feb. 20. We're about to do the happy dance around here!
Just out side the beltway, just ran to the store for the first time since the storm. Walmart just unloaded the truck with ice melt! Tomorrow another snow day, so my S and I are calling it spring break 1. He will have been home 7 days straight and Lax is suppose to start Mondey and the field is iced over. As a Capt of the team, he just bugging with the first game in 2 weeks.

Darla--that is great news! I can just hope :smile:
Darla - YEAH!!!! I had heard someone else online someplace say a date that the were told AFA would mail their packet - we never heard from our senator or congressman but I saw the change of status and when her big grey envelope arrived it had been mailed that same day - maybe they do things in groups. So, justawife - let's hope your sons is getting mailed the same day as Darla's sons! I think that should be the plan - don't you?! good luck and we'll all keep good thoughts for you and your sons!!!
Darla - Many Congratulations! Fantastic news!

Justawife - You aren't kidding! That was some storm - heard there were several inches of ice from Baltimore to DC. We got a huge mixture of ice. sleet and heavy wet snow - about 8" total. We call it "heart attack" snow. Very wet - the the temp went to 10 deg and it froze solid. We are 10 miles from where hundreds of vehicles are stranded on the Interstate (for over 24 hours now) and the Army National Guard was called out and we are in a state of emergency.
My kids went home at noon on Tues, tomorrow is their 3rd snow day and they won't be back until next Tuesday - there goes Easter vacation.
Hopefully, the mailcarrier will get to your house soon!

Great news, Darla. No package recieved today. We'll keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.
justawife said:
Your Status: Candidate*
Your Application is: Complete

this used to say you have been deemed competitive after Candidate, now it doesn't. Has any one else had this change?

Mine changed as well sometime last week (hopefully some good news), but I won't be heartbroken since I already have appointments to USNA and USMA.
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