Cholesteatoma Waiverability -


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Sep 5, 2007
I was a bit nervous the first time I sent this question. I now have the question straight.

I had an ear operation ten years ago for removal of cholesteatoma and hearing bone implants (two our of three). Since then the cholesteatoma has not reoccurred and recent hearing test shows I have slight hearing loss in that ear but, I am with the parameters for hearing loss acceptability. The other ear is perfect. I have been active, including playing football, and all types of water sports including scuba diving without any difficulties, whatsoever. I see that this is disqualifying, but is it waiverable?
I'm sorry I misunderstood your previous post. You will have 2 disqualifications, history of cholesteoma and history of middle ear surgery. Either one of the disqualifcations are difficult to obtain a waiver for, and combined it makes it that much more difficult. As I stated previously I will never say a waiver is impossible, but based on my experience it will be very difficult.