Chronic Hives (urticaria)


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Feb 17, 2008
What is considered as Chronic Urticaria (Hives)? I'm active duty and I applied directly to the USAFA Preparatory School. Fall 2006, I developed allergies to something (I later find out it was from some type of grass). I started getting Hives with the symptoms of a Hay Fever. My Flight Surgeon first diagnosed me with Angioedema (Cold Urticaria, which is pretty serious). This is because there was one night when the bottom of my lips swell up. To be on the safe side he prescribed me Epiphen (I never had to use it). After seeing the Flight Surgeon immediately after that event I was prescribed Zyrtec, which completely wiped the symptoms I had: runny nose, itchy throat, watery eyes, occasional hives. After much test (Airway, Blood and Skin Test), instead I was diagnosed with Allergy Rhinitis. The Flight Surgeon crossed out my first diagnosis of Angioedema. Now the only thing I'm worried about is possible disqualification from "chronic urticaria". I haven't had Hives since I was put on medication. And even if I'm not on my medication I haven't had an episode of hives for a year now. I now take Allegra (because Zyrtec makes me drowsy) and occasional Flonase but I only take them as needed. I haven't taken any of these medications since November of last year since I have no symptoms whatsoever.

The good thing is my Flight Surgeon will be doing my DoDMERB Exam. He has advised me that I shouldn't even mention Angioedema since that wasn't the case for me. He told me I just have to be honest about it. I had hives from September 2006 - November 2006 (this is when I didn't know what I was allergic to) and now they are gone. My lips swell at one time and that was it (still don't know what the reason was but my Flight Surgeon seemed pretty certain it wasn't Angioedema). This was all 15 months ago and hasn't happen ever since. I am worldwide qualified in the military so thats a good indication.

I guess my questions are:
Should I worry about being disqualified from "chronic urticaria"?
Would DoDMERB argue that I had Angioedema because of the lips swelling even though my Flight Surgeon says that wasn't the case?
When I see my Flight Surgeon for my DoDMERB examination should I ask him to write a letter about what all happen to me saying that several test (blood test, skin test, airway test) have been done to prove that I have Allergic Rhinitis and nothing serious?
In that letter should I have him mention that I am worldwide deployable?
Should I have them send my Allergy Questionnaire with my Examination Results?

My Flight Surgeon says I should be fine. I believe him considering he actually works at Flight Medicine and is actually assign only to personnel with Flying Status (pilots, etc.) and I'm lucky enough to be part of a Squadron that falls under Flight Medicine.

Any advice out there in filling out my Allergy questionnaire?
Any advice on this?

Should I have my medical records and allergy questionnaire right away with my DoDMERB?
Based on what you have stated above I think a disqualification for chronic urticaria may be a possibility, but again, I'm just going by what you have stated. It really depends on how frequent the urticaria was.

I think in your case DoDMERB is going to look very closely at all your medical records before making a determination. If it does turn out that you are issues a disqualification then we can go from there, but for now go ahead and get the physical examination done, be prepared for DoDMERB to request copies of all the medical records, and we will see what happens.

If you do get a disqualification let me know and we can start to work to try and get a waiver.

Should I send all medical history paperwork now and the allergy questionnaire to possibly shorten processing time for remedials or should I wait until DODMERB say anything?
Well I finally receive DoDMERB's response and as expected is requesting a Remedial. However, I'm all confused, they are requesting a R152.27 which is refraction manifest. I guess this is good since first off they are interested and scondly they seem like they are not making a big deal about my allergies. What I'm confuse about is that I have 20/15 vision which is above average.
I replied to the vision question in your other post.

If DoDMERB made no mention about the urticaria then they must not feel it meets the criteria for a disqualification. Good news for you!
You think the only reason why they never mentioned my hives is because my DoDMERB is at its early processing, they just noticed the ones missing on my forms, and I should expect more remedials later?

29-FEB-08 Date exam received at DoDMERB
29-FEB-08 Medical data entry
04-MAR-08 Date letter sent - Remedial R152.27
04-MAR-08 Date exam reviewed

Should I be worried?
If DoDMERB did not request any additional information, or disqualify you, then I would not worry about it. DoDMERB has reviewed the information, and has determined that it is not an issue.
Thank you very much RetNavyHM and Antoinette as of today I am medically qualified for USAFA. Thank you so much for all the help!
A1C Nico, congratulations for getting medically qualified for USAFA! :thumb: I am happy you got through the famous DoDMERB qualification! Thanks for letting us know.

You said earlier:

I'm active duty and I applied directly to the USAFA Preparatory School.

How is this part of the application process going? :cool:, I hope!
package was well thought out and already sent, just going to try cfa second time 2morrow then i submit that, then im all done.