Jun 15, 2006
The CIS password is changing May 1. New passwords will not be given to withdrawn, declined, or medically disqualified candidates. For those candidates, April 30 is the last day you will have access.
New link on CIS

This week, on my son's CIS there is a new link:
Candidate Academic Information: Waiting for submission from xxxx xxxx

On of the FAQs on the website states:
The Candidate Information System (CIS) now lists "Candidate Academic Information" as a required document. The Candidate Academic Information document is filled out by your guidance counselor. If your required documents section indicates "not received", this WILL NOT affect your offer status. Also, this WILL NOT prevent your record from being reviewed by the admissions board. For those candidates who reapply for next year's class, this document WILL be required for your application to be reviewed by the admissions board.

But, what information is actually being asked of the counselor in this link? Is it a request for mid-term grades?
if you go over to cc, they have a thread about this that might answer all of your questions.
I read the information in the threads on CC; but, I am still not clear on what kind of information is being required. Is it the 7th semester transcript? 7th semester grades?

Does anyone know exactly what the e-mail to the counserlor actually reads or asks him/her to submit? My son's his counselor is EXCELLENT and gets things done promptly. Was this info to be electronically submitted or by snail mail? If snail mail, it might explain why it may not have been received yet by admissions.

It says that mine was submitted June 1st, which doesn't really make any sense. I hadn't even been to NASS, nor did I have a candidate number.
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I had my counselor fill it out. He said, more or less, that its the same thing that he filled out before, just a couple new questions (which he did not tell me). Don't worry about, i got all flustered but its really the same thing as the thing the high school counselor had to fill out before.

What happens if a candidate who has been medically DQ'd is still in the waiver or appeal process in late April? Will they receive the new password to CIS?
I actually went in and talked to my guidance counselor yesterday about the Candidate Academic Information. I got a letter from the Academy saying that I hadn't done something yet (this was after I had received my appointment). I checked my CIS and when I saw that I was like "Oh, it's no problem, then. The Academy probably just e-mailed him and told him what needs to be done." So when I went in and talked to Mr. D. yesterday, he said he had never received an e-mail and that it was probably just looking for a mid-year transcript. So (since we have a SNOW DAY today... whooo hoo) I'll be giving him the address to the Dean of Admissions tomorrow and he'll send out a neat little packet which is my official transcript as soon as possible.

2012mom- I'm pretty sure everyone will be notified of whether or not they have a waiver and appointment by about April 15th. If your son or daughter has received a waiver, he should be getting the password. I don't see how they could keep you waiting for a waiver even after everyone else has already found out if they are appointed or not.

What happens if a candidate who has been medically DQ'd is still in the waiver or appeal process in late April? Will they receive the new password to CIS?

Sorry I missed your post. My post is actually from last year. I haven't heard yet if and when they are doing it this year.

But in answer to your question, yes, all who are not academically rejected will receive the new password.