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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by matt432202, Mar 29, 2015.

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    I am a knob at the citadel, and I was wondering how the plebe system at west point compares to the citadel. I am looking at going to West Point, I have a high GPA, solid PT scores, and the west point rep for my district said my chances were really good. I know the schools both have their own merits, but I am just more interested in the all army all the time aspect of west point.
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    My DS was a knob at The Citadel prior to being a USMA plebe; he found West Point upperclass cadets had more restrictions as far has how badly they were allowed to treat the plebes. He had a rough time adjusting to knob-life, but after a year as a knob, he was well prepared for life as a plebe, and he didn't struggle as much as some others. My DS made some great friends at the Citadel, and when they graduated and he still had another year to go, I know he had some mixed emotions, but now he's very happy to be a West Point grad. IMO The Citadel is a great lead in to West Point. All the best to you as you explore your options.
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    Did you apply for class of 2019 or are you looking at c/o 2020? That's 6 years to get a degree; are you sure you want to do that? Major difference from what I hear is that West Point does not tolerate hazing and Citadel appears to.
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    Interesting note about Citadel / USMA: a few years ago when my DS (c/o ’15) was applying to USMA, he had about ten other schools on his Plan B list, Citadel was one of those schools. He was accepted. He called to talk about the school before he heard back from USMA, and simply talked to someone in Admissions. He mentioned that his primary goal was to attend USMA and was curious if they ever had cadets at Citadel who then left to attend USMA.

    The reply over the phone was “No one ever comes to the Citadel to leave and go to West Point.” And they hung up on him. Cold. I heard it myself (listening in over the speaker phone).

    DS did not attend the Citadel. Makes me curious about how the Citadel corps feels about one of their cadets leaving for USMA.

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    Two things real quick from a current Citadel cadet: 1. The Citadel doesn't tolerate hazing, at all. As a matter of fact, many (parents and administration included) feel it's far too lax in terms of it's 4th Class system, but this is mostly due to a historic trend/reputation of a tolerance of hazing. Obviously, no college administration can fully chaperone it's student body so the cadet leaders who prefer a tougher system (ranging from just that to the things that truly are hazing) usually get away with it. Not stating which is better, I'm a Junior Private just trying to graduate with as high a gpa as I can and get my first branch choice.
    2. I have NEVER heard of anyone reapplying to the academies and getting shot down like that. Not many reapply, but those that do aren't faced with that kind of unprofessionalism, at least not publicly. Both in the terms of fellow cadets and administration. I actually helped a close friend start reapplying knob year, but he decided to stay.

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