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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by caracas, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Yesterday I received a speeding ticket. I understand there is a 72 hour rule to declare it to the cadre. My main question is this: if I have the opportunity to take a drivers course and have it dismissed (not expunged) from my record, is there any use in telling the cadre?
    Why does the Air Force want cadets to declare minor civil involvements? What are the consequences from not declaring it? What are your thoughts in general?
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    Let's see...

    From the beginning of your post you seem to understand that there is a 72 hour rule to report.

    You then ask if there is any use in reporting it to the cadre if you go through a court appointed driving course, dismiss the ticket that will still show up on your record.

    Then you ask why you have to do it.

    Then you ask the consequences of not reporting it.

    My favorite part is the last question, what everyone's thought's are.

    Sorry if that sounded a little sarcastic, I really try not to do that...but..I was just surprised a bit by the post.

    I'm sure others will give you all the in's and out's, how it will effect your clearances later if you don't report it per the rules. This is not like the kid earlier that went to the hospital for alcohol issues and had no involvement with the police. This ticket is now on your record.

    How much is the fine, what was the ticket for, nobody can give you much advice without knowing all the facts.

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