Class of 2010 Recognized


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Jun 9, 2006
Sources say that recognition is currently underway at Kings Point. Congratulations to the newly minted fourth classmen. This is one of the earliest recognitions in recent times, so enjoy it, but don't forget your duties.
NUTS! You beat me to it! Three Hip Hips for the new Midshipmen!
Woo hoo. JM rocks. She knows all. She has the sources. But she got scooped...ha ha.:lolatyou:
I know. And I'm really burnt about it. I told two people and guess what.... here you both are. LOL I can't believe that not one parent pm'd me & ask what I was hearing thru the grapevine. I would not have buckled tho. Loose lips sink ships! :shake:
Haha, I made sure to verify such claims before posting today :)

It's amazing that recognition was this early, but my hat's off to them.
Yeah. I waited for verification too & you still beat me with yours. Sooooo. Who's yer source ye scally wag? LOL Wish my Mid would call me or atleast send me pix. Would love to see the crisco prop thing. Ewww.