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Jul 24, 2008
Hey whats up guys. My name is Matt and im from california. i jst went and saw the Eagle today and it was an awesome ship. So im going to be a senior. Only one more year of high school. My question is this: when did you relize you want to attend CGA? and Why the coast guard?

I would like to pursue a career in avation in the coast guard. is there anything that would make me stand out so i can get accepted to the avation program?

20/20 vision...:biggrin:

Just kidding...slightly. But good luck and I'll post more later.
Hi! I'm Cole and I'm also from Northern California. I took the ferry over to see Eagle yesterday. It is a pretty cool ship. Speaking of cool ships, the Bertholf came in to Coast Guard Island on Wednesday while we were out rowing (those cannons were really loud). I'm looking forward to seeing that too.

Why the Coast Guard? Well, Alameda is a Coast Guard city and they are just kind of around, but I really like the diversity of their missions, their humanitarian focus, the fact that you can do something completely different every two years or so, and I really like being on the water.

I decided I wanted to go to CGA right after I went to an open house. My class had visited the Naval Academy, and I really liked the idea of being able to actually start my life and do something really worthwhile and serve my country from the moment I graduated from high school. I was heading to lunch one day and there was a poster outside the Coast Guard liaison office about a Coast Guard Academy open house for Members and Staff. I didn't even know there was a Coast Guard Academy, but I figured it would be something like the Naval Academy with the Coast Guard instead of the Navy, and that sounded pretty incredible. So I managed to get away from work for long enough to go to the open house. I talked to Capt. Bibeau and a few other people and they gave me a ton of literature and this DVD about the academy. The more I found out about the academy, the more I wanted to go. After visiting the academy, seeing Eagle, and talking to a bunch of cadets, it just seems perfect.

So, that's my story. Kinda long winded, but hey. What's yours?
hey whats up. so my story is this. I too was looking into the naval academy. But I heard about the Coast Guard academy and i wanted to learn more. So i contacted them and they sent me a bunch of paperwork and poster things to help me better understand the academy. They all were really intreasting. So i started to really read and take in what the cadets have said online and what they have experienced while at the academy. That made me want to go even more. Then I visited the eagle and talked to one of the second class cadets. He told me about his experience and life at the academy and what it was like to sail on such a huge ship. Then I reliezed that I coulndt see my self at another school. It was like I knew that the academy was for me. So thats my story.

And about avation, i want to fly rotary or fixed whatever the needs of the service are. But its so exciting to see and hear and learn about all what the academy has to offer to people like me.
To answer your more general question, most kids pick CGA because:

1. The Coast Guard is a humanitarian service.

2. It's a small-school, family-type atmosphere.

3. There are great opportunities for both men and women.

4. You have the opportunity to play varsity sports which you might not get at one of the "Big Three."

5. Small classes and concerned professors.

6. The chance to serve our country.

Good luck to you.:thumb:
In my son's case, he has gotten to travel to Spain, Portugal, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Alaska as part of official training.

He has been involved in Model UN which allowed him to go to Canada, Mexico, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C.

He has sailed on the Eagle, rode a cutter to Kodiak Island, Alaska, served on a buoy tender on the Great Lakes, and done an internship in Washington, D.C. relating to intelligence.

He has ridden a helicopter, been plucked out of the water by same, sailed a 44-foot ketch to Martha's Vineyard and Fisher's Island, been qualified in pistol and rifle shooting, learned celestial navigation, rules of the road and stood at the top of an 140 foot mast on America's only tall ship in active servce.

He has rowed on a medal-winning crew team after never having been in the sport before the Academy; been assigned to a major project involving the North Atlantic Coast Guard forum; done an ongoing study of fishery laws; got to pose questions to Attorney General Gonzales and other dignitaries at school forums; served as a cadre for Swab summer; written articles for the school newspaper; learned how to play golf and tennis (in the school's lifelong sports curriculum); and served as Ethics officer for Charlie Company.

He was scheduled to serve as an honor guard at President Ford's funeral before the family decided to hold a low-key memorial. He has served several times as an escort at debutante balls in NYC and Washington, DC.

He has the opportunity to attend graduate school at Coast Guard expense; he is considering either law school or international relations.

This may sound like braggin:)eek:); perhaps it is, but it is just an indication of what the Academy has to offer.
Actually it was funny.. i was on the USCG Eagle (while it was in Tacoma, WA) when my daughter was at AIM in New London CT the beginning of July. So I got to speak to quite a few cadets there on the ship... The all told me how much they loved AIM... well they were right.. She came home from CT singing the cg song.. she is stuck on the idea..