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    Just curious - my DD received an official candidate letter. How many are sent out yearly? And how do they determine who gets the letters to log into the system and continue the process?
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    Official Candidate letters have been going out of Admissions since May. Generally speaking they are triggered by SAT/ACT scores deemed to be at least minimally acceptable, or some other factor that attracts the attention of the reviewer; eg, athletic, community service, etc, accomplishments. As is normal there is no pre-set number that will be issued, and the number varies from year to year and among the various areas. From casual observation, I would estimate that about 40 per cent of the total prospects on my BGO roster will become official candidates. Bear in mind that this is a starting point, not an end point.
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    some problems with candidate numbers

    DS called admissions owing to difficulty getting into the application portal. It seems he was given the wrong candidate number in the letter. The phone call fixed the problem, but we also learned we are not alone, so if logging in is a problem for your applicant, it may be worth a call.

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