Class of 2021 - Butterflies anyone?


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Oct 31, 2008
If so, totally natural and expected. You won't be the only one.

If you have tough times during Beast, here are a few things to remember.
- everyone has a tough day - even the cadre
- West Point wanted YOU. They would not have appointed you if they did not think that you had the stuff to survive Beast, and the 47 months at West Point. They are looking for Officer material and you have it!
- My DS was cadre for 2nd detail of Beast one year and I asked him once what his words of advise were for New Cadets. He said to not take anything personally. You will get yelled at, but it is not personal. It's to make you a better New Cadet and Cadet.

Best wishes and let us hear from you after you officially become a Cadet!