Class Rank: How Important Is It?

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    If anyone could answer this question that'd be great! Also, does the Naval Academy look more at your sat/act scores or GPA compared to class rank? I'm really curious as well on how admissions takes class rank into account with the different levels of competitiveness in different school systems. I'm a part of the Northern VA school system and its known to be very competitive.
    Thank you to all who reply!
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    Class rank and ACT/SAT scores trumps GPA every day of the week. Yes, they will look at your school for sure and know that Northern Virginia is indeed a very competitive district with high quality schools. Hope this helps.
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    I would disagree a bit with the "every day of the week" for class rank. There are many areas in the country that class rank is based on unweighted (no AP class or strength of curriculum consideration) GPA. The weighted GPA goes on the application, but class rank is what it is. I agree that ACT/SAT is more important than GPA.
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    You will be asking your guidance counselor to send a transcript. The transcript will include a lot of information about the school including how many go on to Ivies, How many go on to college, etc. They will know how competitive your high school is or isn't.

    Simply stated everything matters, but SAT/ACT probably does trump all as its the only national academic standard of measurement they have to compare Johnny to Jane. All other comparisons are going to be subjective to some degree, which doesn't invalidate them, but just sayin' ....
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    Truth is...everything is important lol
    Actually , I think SAT and ACT are the most heavily weighted (this is purely my conjecture) because all the applicants are on the same playing field. GPA and class rank are relative to the academic environment you are in. Easy school=higher GPA... I know they try to take difficulty of school into consideration and others may have a different take on this. It is all important but SAT/ACT scores seem to be a pretty big part of the "whole person score". Perhaps others will offer different oppinion.
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