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    Does anyone know how many cadets are in the wing? The last numbers I've seen are from August 31st with about 4,097 cadets. Did they reach their goal of being down to 4,000 cadets by September 30th?

    Also, does anyone know how many cadets the Academy plans to admit in June? Are they still thinking of 1,150?
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    No, they didn't quite get to the 4,000 mark. (I don't think they really thought they could in 1 year without just kicking people out for no reason whatsoever). As for the 2017 class; that will depend. The 1150 will depend on how many C3C decide to call it quits and not commit after the semester is over in may. (They want their 4th semester of credits for transfer). Also; it depends on how many get kicked out for being stupid or doing stupid things. Chances are, the number won't go above the 1150, but it could go down.

    I think a lot will also depend on the election next month. Not necessarily direct military related reasons, but the economy in general. Unemployment rate is where it was when Obama took office. If the unemployment rate drastically goes down in the next 2 quarters; no matter who's in office; the civilian market will become more appealing and less people will apply to the academy; more people will retire from the military; more current cadets won't commit; etc... Therefor, it's possible that the class of 2017 could be affected by that too.

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