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Jan 22, 2008
So the wait is over! I finally got accepted to tha AIM program session two! i'm stoked!! anyone else?:shake:
AIM Session #2

Son notified session 2, can't wait!!!!!! Noticed on list no MP3's, IPOD, etc. My son has very long flights to get there. What does everyone think, understand not having them to use while AIM is in session, but how about the travel? Thanks everyone and have a great day.
Some things on the no-no list can be packed once you're there. I would just give them a call to ask. I wouldn't pack anything too valuable, nor would I hide anything.

Cadre have in interesting ability to find that stuff, and when that happens it's never pretty.

I do understand the "travel" part, which is why I would call. If they say no, then no it is, but he'll probably just be told to store it with the other things during the week.
Have a good time at AIM. It certainly was an interesting week to say the least.
Well, let me put it this way. I had a lot of fun at Air Force's summer program, but apart from a couple of hours on the last day it wasn't hard at all. At AIM they try and make it as close to swab summer (the summer before your 4th class year) as possible, and they did a very good job of it (I assume, having not experienced swab summer myself yet). It was fun in a different way, but just be ready for a lot of yelling, physical exertion, etc. That's all.
Okay thats awesome! I dont know why but for some reason I love that intensity rush! aha well then im lookin forward to goin! any advice?
Will there be a PT test @ AIM and what will it consist of? Any academic testing? Looking forward to the responses.:
Last year there was a PT test and I do believe it counted for something. It was the CGA's regular PT test... pushups, sit ups, and (I think) a 1.5 mile run. Your admissions counselor should be able to get more specific.
Unless the day is declared "black flag" (too hot/humid to allow exercise, which happened one day last year at AIM session 1), you will have the opportunity to take the PFE (Physical Fitness Exam), which is the test used by USCGA admissions:

  • Cadence push-ups (2 minutes),
  • Sit-ups (2 minutes),
  • 1.5 mile run (timed)
I'm pretty sure you can use the test results as your official PFE test for admissions, but I'm not 100% sure - check with your AO when you meet him/her at AIM.

(You may not want to either, as you have until November 1st to submit a better result with your admissions package).
Yes, manucentermid. That will probably be significantly faster than most kids in your AIM company. I ran just under a 6:00 if I remember correctly, and finished 3rd or 4th in my company.
Last year we did an engineering project during the mornings which was fun because it was pretty chill and we could talk with each other and laugh as long as we were getting stuff done. The last day or so the cadre started joking around with us and things started to get a little fun in general.
I never played football (marching band/wrestling/track) so I can't really answer that. I would recommend doing some core exercises like planks, sit ups, v-ups, etc. along with lots of squats if you have the time. Running is important too as the campus is quite hilly. Just get in some kind of decent shape and you'll be fine. They try and balance simulating a bit of swab summer and not trying to scare you off (or so I was told) so just do what you can and look forward to your week at AIM. If you have any other questions that I may be able to answer hit me up, but realize I report in on Monday and leave Friday morning so I may not be able to get back to you for a while, though I'm sure there's about a dozen other people on here that can answer your questions as well.
thanks you all.
I am so scared of going. I am an athlete but really girly so I dont know if i will fair well:confused:
Don't be scared...nervous maybe...and look the CGA is woman-friendly, there are a higher percentage of women there than any of the academies. Many are "girly" as you put it. Enjoy the'll get a good idea if this life is for you.:thumb: