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    May 25, 2012
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    After being so disappointed in being waitlisted by North Georgia, my daughter can finally celebrate. She was accepted last week to The Citadel and this past Friday to Norwich. It still amazes me that she was accepted to those two SMCs but still remains on the waitlist at North Georgia.
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    May 7, 2010
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    Congratulations to your daughter. Make sure the joyous celebrations include some push-ups and sit-ups.
  3. RancidRancid

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    Oct 6, 2011
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    How NG admissions works??

    hathcoam, I dont know if you have read what happened to me but I was set to go to Norwich and then got terribly ill before arrival day and was ultimately unable to go. I am currently applying to North georgia and was wondering what exactly admissions was looking for; I hope to not get wait listed

    Do you mind sharing your DD's stats?

    Congrats to her and you!
    Cant say much about The citadel, but as I was prepared to go to Norwich just a few short months ago, I have tons of great things to say about the school. All the people there are great, kind and informative; she will be well taken care of and the academics are awesome
    I would definitely visit both schools, if you have not already.

    Best of Luck :smile:
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    Feb 2, 2008
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    RR: Why if you got accepted to Norwich and were all set to matriculate are you applying to different schools next year? I am certain that if you were too ill to show up on matriculation day, Norwich would transfer your admission until the following year.
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    Sep 20, 2012
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    I am awaiting on my college department at my school to send my transcripts to Norwich and the Citadel.

    Also if you dont mind, could you share her stats?
  6. RancidRancid

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    Oct 6, 2011
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    They said I would have to readmit all of my information in a new application, so at this point, to my understanding, I have not been reaccepted.

    MY parents and I both thought what you think, prior to this occurring, that, if I couldnt make it, they would honor the fact I was admitted as a Rook, and transfer the admission to the following year, this was not the case.

    So, because of this, and that nothing is set in stone,i have NOT been reaccepted my parents advised me to have a back up, which is NG.
  7. CoachBart

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    Jun 30, 2011
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  8. RancidRancid

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    Oct 6, 2011
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    Thanks coachbart! I seem to fall into the middle of the two average sections. I was apart of two clubs in HS, and mainted officer/leadership positions in both. I had a GPA of 3.2, my best SAT score, just math and reading was 1020, and have taken AP classes every year Since sophmore year, when we were allowed to start taking them. My senior year i took AP US GOVT AND POLITICS AND ECONOMICS, and recived a 3. I also to AP psychology, my planned major, and alsl recived a 3.

    I too hope i recieve admission from NG and again to NU. Thank you for your well wishes
  9. hathcoam

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    May 25, 2012
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    As you can see my daughter's extracurriculars and coomuntiy service stats are intense.
    ACT: 24
    GPA 2.9 on 4.0 scale and 3.3 on SC Uniformed Grading Scale.
    She is currently in two AP classes this year and made a 3 on the AP English exam last year.
    She had cglowing recommendations from her history teacher as well as a 28 yr member of the Army National Guard.

    Please note about North Georgia: They recalculate the GPA and remove everything but the bare requirements that they list on the website. They then use that to substitute into the formula. The Freshman Index only takes into account gpa and test scores. so in my daughters case the extracurriculars and recs didnt matter. You MUST have the 2500 or you will be waitlisted (my daughter had like a 2460). According to North Georgia Corp of Cadets, they will look at all those that were waitlisted versus the number of beds available and decide if they want to reduce the 2500 number to let more in. This will occcur in December. If it doesnt then they will look the remaining candidates again in Feb and then and only then will they take into account the whole person score.

    South Carolina Junior Scholar
    o Received 4 invitations to attend summer camps because of Junior Scholar designation
    o Chose to study Biology/Forensic Science at Clemson University (June 2009)
    o Studied Forensic science at Governors School for Science and Math (June 2010)
    • Honors and AP Class Participant
    o English I Honors track and 10th grade Geometry Honors track in 9th grade
    o English 2 Honors and Algebra 2 honors in 10th grade
     Note: Even though she passed Algebra 2 Honors- she retook it over the summer for a better grade
    o AP English Composition, AP US History, Precalculus honors and Chemistry Honors-11th grade
    o Summer after 11th grade-Computer Applications, Keyboarding, Forensic Science
    o AP English Literature, AP Biology, Probability/Statistics, Government/Economics, Band, Library Internship, Law Education, Sociology (virtual school), Mandarin Chinese Level 1(virtual school)-12th grade
    • Nominated to the 2009 Who’s Who All American Scholar
    • Recipient of All American Scholarship Grant from United States Achievement Academy (2010)
    • Nominated to the 2009 Who’s Who in Leadership and Service
    • Science Olympiad 11th

    • Gifted and Talented Art 3 years with an A average
    • Artwork was featured in the Lexington 4 School District Calendar as well as the State Fair
    • Artwork was auctioned off in the Picasso Project that was sponsored by the “Voices of South Carolina’s Children”
    • Was recommended to bypass Art 1 and be allowed to enter Art 2 in 9th grade (Art 1 is a normal prerequisite for Art 2). Was the only 9th grader in Art 2 and the only student to ever be allowed to do this.
    • Completed Art 3 in tenth grade (no further Art classes available)

    • Started playing the trumpet in 6th grade
    o 11th chair-5th
    o 9th chair-7th
    o 5th chair-8th
    o 5th chair-9th
    o 2nd chair-10th
    o 2nd chair-11th
    • Region Band Auditions 7th grade, 8th grade, 11th grade
    • Concert Festival
    o Received excellent and superior ratings (has played the solo part)
    o Solo and Ensemble Multiple Excellent Ratings
    • Performed duet at the Christmas Concert
    • Jazz band-8th grade, 11th grade (could not participate in 9th and 10th due to cheer)
    • Superior Rating at Jazz festival 2012
    • Played Concert festival solo and jazz band at spring band concert
    • Attended University of South Carolina band camp with a final performance at the Koger Center for Performing Arts in Columbia, South Carolina
    • Marching Band 2011-2012-3rd at Lower State Championships, 6th at 3A State
    • Invited to play with Jazz band for a performance at Spring Arts Festival (10th)
    • Was chosen to be a member of a select group to participate in the Southern Star Music Festival in Atlanta, GA. The participants received the highest award available (Gold Sweepstakes Award). Only three bands in the entire competition received this award

    School Cheerleading:
    • 2009-2010 Swansea High School Junior Varsity Cheer Squad
    o Was also handpicked to be a member of the Swansea High School Varsity Competitive Cheer (one of only 4 9th graders)
    • 2010-2011 Swansea High School Varsity squad
    • Did not cheer Junior year in order to try marching band
    • 2012-2013 Swansea High School Varsity squad
    • Varsity Cheer
    • Received Varsity Letter for Cheer 2011

    • Made All Star Cheerleading Squad (Irmo Cheerleading Association Vikings located in Irmo, South Carolina) in 6th grade and competed for 3 seasons before switching to high school cheer.
    • Competed in various cities-Charleston, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Jacksonville (Florida), and Atlanta
    o Received:3 Allstar trophies,3 Bronze medals,4 Gold medals,1 silver medal,1 3rd place ribbon
    • Most noted Allstar Cheer accomplishment
    • Winning the 2009 Small Gym National Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina in the Junior Division. This win awarded them a bid to the All Levels World Championship in Atlanta where they placed 4th
    • Received the “Most Likely to Practice at Home” award

    • 8 years
    o Received:4 trophies,9 2nd place ribbons,7 3rd place ribbons,1 1st place ribbons,2 1st place medals, Gymnast of the month

    • Miss Swansea Tiger 2009:13-15 age division and Miss Photogenic
    • SC Teen Miss Caring Angel and Miss Photogenic
    • SC Princess Pageant Top 10
    • 2nd runner-up Freshman division of Miss Swansean 2010
    • Miss Elite SC 2010
    • Miss October Starshine 2009
    • State Finalist for 2010 National American Miss
    • Teen Miss Simplicity 2009
    • 1st runner up Teen Miss Glitz 2010
    • 2nd runner up and best smile National Teen Miss Caring Angel 2010
    • Community Service Award for Miss Caring Angel 2010
    • 1st runner up Miss Easter Bunny 2010
    • Miss SC Supreme Queen 2010, Overall Sports Attire and Overall Talent
    • 2nd runnerup Little Miss SC prelim 2012
    • People’s Choice Winner Miss Swansean 2012
    • Simply Gorgeous Girls prelim winner 2012
    • Fabulous Fresh Faces prelim winner 2012

    Community Service:
    • Volunteer with Cullen Archangel Animal Rescue
    • Speaker at 1st Annual Bearcat Bonanza (for United Cerebral Palsy)
    • Handed out lollipops in support of United Cerebral Palsy
    • Donated games to local elementary school after school program
    • Bell Ringer for Salvation Army
    • Volunteer Junior cheer coach for Swansea little league football
    • Member of SOFAB-Special Olympics Fans and Buddies Club at Swansea High School
    o Elected Officer of Public Relations for 2013 school year
    • Community Service Award for Miss Caring Angel 2010 (Pageant for Cerebral Palsy)
    • Volunteer Literacy Coach for elementary school

    Other Sports/Activities:
    • Church
    o 9th grade participant in Christmas drama
    o 10th grade solo in Christmas drama
    o 9th grade participant in Christmas drama
    o Youth Group and Church ministry camp retreat participant
    • Member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (11th and 12th) at Swansea High School
    • Prom Committee (11th) at Swansea High School
    • Drama Club (11th) at Swansea High School

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