College after academy?


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Feb 21, 2018
I plan on doing mechanical engineering while in the academy. I want to double major/dual degree in philosophy and physics after.

Is it possible to double major/dual degree at another school once I've completed the Academy? How long would it take to complete with the credits from the academy? Would I be doing it in my free time or would I delay my active duty or would my time in college be considered as working?
Thank you in advance.
First of all why? If you were to do this, it would be on your own time and they will not delay your active duty service. You are going to be a military officer for at least five years and, based on the current operational tempo, you are going to be very busy. It probably makes more sense to get you career going and then maybe look to starting a Master's program if you can find the time. As someone who has hired for a major company, I have never found double majors very useful.
Mostly for personal interest. I'm leaning towards doing it after my five years or maybe further down the road. In a quick search I found most schools don't allow bachelor's going for a bachelor's in another field and some things I read said after so long credits lose value. I don't want to have to take core classes again so I was considering doing it sooner
Most schools will be looking for you to enroll in a Masters program. For instance, my undergraduate from the academy was in Mechanical Engineering and then I got a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics. The Bachelors degree from a service academy provides you with a pretty broad base beyond you chosen major. For instance, as an ME major, I also had to take 3 semesters of English, 2 semesters of social science, 2 semesters of foreign language, and 2 semesters of psychology. Few ME majors in the country were also required to take those courses. My point is that most universities will probably accept you in a masters program in physics or philosophy with the service academy background. Masters level work is not necessarily advanced work, but instead more focused into a certain topic.
Thank you very much for the clarity and insight. I think I will go the masters route after service. I really appreciate your help. Thank you again!
Yes, you are on step #3 of about 6,948.

1. Show interest
3. Show more interest

300. Get all forms in ON TIME

400. Get Nomination and Appointment (401.9 and 488.75)

500. Get through USAFA with good enough grades that will permit you to go to G-school
501. Decide: Pilot/rated/non-rated

spend a whole bunch of time ADAF

THEN, if you STILL want to get another degree instead of flying that C5M Super Galaxy or Hornet, well, you can apply to other schools.

My DS who flies the C130J Super Herc (with PIMA's DS) is about 2/3 through with his grad degree from a noteworthy university - a degree he is getting online during his deployments. He says it is too hard to work on "school stuff" when he is at home with the wife and two kids under 2, so he cranks out the work while he's overseas.

OK, on to step #4.
THEN, if you STILL want to get another degree instead of flying that C5M Super Galaxy or Hornet, well, you can apply to other schools.

I didn't see the OP mention anything about cross-commissioning to Navy or Marines.