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    I have a decision to make. Right now I have the classes... (on the quarter system so average classes is 3 or 4, ending up being 9 to 12 classes a year)

    Econ 1
    Math (calculus with theory)
    Writing Class

    This ends up being 10 credits because I passed the AP Calc test but with only a 3. So I MUST take an extra credit to qualify for financial aid. The choices I have are... (fit into my schedule)

    Theatre (it's a GE that I have to take so maybe I could get it out of the way now)
    Music (same as theatre)
    2 seminar classes (one hour per week, not really classes but it passes for credits somehow)
    History of Race in America (again a GE so I have to take it)
    Ethnic Studies (another GE)
    or a random class that's more than two credits

    None of these classes really interest me at all and have a very liberal slant (I'm taking one for summer bridge right now and it's kind of bad but bearable. I'm not sure how these are. Also the writing class is basically ethnic studies as well.)

    West Point is priority one but should I try knocking out some GEs in case my reapplication process goes poorly? Should a take a different class entirely? Need some advice. Thank you.
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    You need to demonstrate you can handle college level courses. Also take Chem with a lab, Physics, and Bio

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    You need to contact your RC and have this discussion w/ him/her. He/she will tell you what to take that will best position you to be competitive.

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