College credits


2021 USMA Dad
Jan 29, 2017
If you go to college before going to an academy I know the credits you earned are not applied to your academy degree. My question is are they worth anything if you go on to graduate school for a higher degree after graduating an academy?
I think it would depend on the classes you take. I don't think that 1oo- or 200-level classes would make much of an impact on graduate school requirements, but upper level classes might have some value.
Definitely depends on the subject and the level, likely they will have been so long ago that you'll want to take them again anyway if you are pursuing a challenging graduate degree. PM me with specifics if you want more details, I am in grad school right now.
My sons entered USAFA with >45 credits from local university. While that education helped them succeed at USAFA, I don't think any of their credits applied to their graduate programs.