College Fall Semester Course Load


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Jan 6, 2016
I would like some opinions on my College Course Load for the most recent Fall Semester:

Calculus 1
Professional Writing
Financial Accounting

I achieved all A's in my courses and want some feedback as to how this will affect my qualifications academically. (I took Chemistry in High School)
I am taking Physics this semester however do you think my application being reviewed with the courses I took in the fall will be sufficient? With those 17 hours last semester and achieving a 4.0 I feel like I am in good shape.
USNA suggests that a re-applicant take a course schedule that resembles the courses take by a pleb, which includes chemistry. I am sure getting all A's is great. How much impact not taking chemistry will have only admissions know.
USNA wants to see an entire year of chemistry but will accept physics. That said, I've seen college applicants admitted without either. And, a 4.0 is a 4.0 -- congrats on that. A 4.0 with a hard core science class would have been better, but that's now water under the bridge.
Daughters roommate is a re applicant and did not take calculus or chemistry and received an appointment. I would think that was not the best choice but it worked for her
would this be considered a decent course load for first semester?
Calculus 2
Engineering lab and class
Intro to Naval Science
Corps Leadership
First Year Writing

Within the Virginia Tech Engineering college