College Re-applicant for 2022, from USMMA?

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    I recently received an appointment to Kings Point; however, I still want to attend USNA. How would I go about reapplying to USNA when I will be at another Federal Academy next year? How would I get my nomination interviews done? How will I essentially get my entire candidate packet complete while getting hammered at another academy? Also, how early can you access your candidate portal if you're a college re-applicant? I know I had my portal full and completed the first week of July 2016.
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    The short answer is that it is EXTREMELY unlikely to happen. The reason is that SAs don't want to be seen as "poaching" from each other. Thus, you can proceed through the process, have every qualification including great recs from USMMA, and you're still almost certain to be turned down. I've seen it happen. Thus, go to USMMA only if you want to graduate from USMMA. If you really truly want USNA, decline your appointment and reapply from a civilian college.

    I would note that USMMA is a terrific school and you can become a Naval Officer from USMMA . . . so look into that option.
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    I agree with 85. Don't plan on this happening. If USNA is where you really want to go, then you are better to decline USMMA and reapply to USNA. I wouldn't even say the challenge is completing everything, its the challenge of explaining why someone should nominate and/or appoint someone who had a promising path to commissioning.

    Mountain_Mom - Not really. Many reapply while in different ROTC programs. If he is looking at guard programs ensure he 100% understands the terms and commissioning paths. Some only allow reserve commissions. There are tons of threads on this in the ROTC forum.
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