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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by cmg, Oct 4, 2009.

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    Hi! I am new to this forum and have a son who will be graduating from Valley Forge Military College this school year. He is considering transfering to VMI or the Citadel for his degree in English and Education. I've heard that they don't quite like transfers from other military schools and really give them a hard time. He already went through "plebedom" last year (which was borderline abuse) and has rank, as well. Does anyone know how factual this is?? Thank you.
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    Military College Transfer


    I think that you would be given a "hard time" - not because you went to VFMC - but - because you - are you...and EVERYONE is given a "hard time."

    In your specific case - think about your own experience at VFMC...did you ever meet a new cadet - who just started at VFMC - who questioned everything that VFMC did by saying "That is not how we did it in - fill in the blank - Civil Air Patrol, Sea Cadets, Sea Scouts, etc..."

    I highly recommend that you take the knowledge and skills you learned at VFMC - and to NOT wear them on your sleeve. The upper-class cadets will be looking for anything to give ALL of their incoming cadets a "hard time." Going to a military junior college - that is an easy thing for them to pick on you for.

    My own experience; before going to Norwich University - I lived under the command of my father - who had 24 years of Navy/enlisted experience to share with me. When I went to Norwich - I knew from my Dad how to make hospital corners for my bed, facing movements, rank structure. Who, out of my entire company, do you think got a real "hard time?" Me. My upperclass cadets did not care if I knew how to make my bed for room inspection...they cared that I learned how to make my bed THEIR way!

    On a related note, why are you not considering Norwich??


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