Color deficient at USNA but not USAFA

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by pazzari, Oct 18, 2012.

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    I received a letter from DODMERB today. Unfortunately I am not qualified to attend the USNA due to a color deficiency(USNA is by far my first choice). However, I am qualified to attend the USAFA. I have a few questions. What are my chances to get a waiver? Also, I believe that if I took the Farnsworth Lantern test I would pass with no problem. How can I take this test to improve my chances of a waiver?
    Lastly, with such a small deficiency( remember i am qualified to fly in the Air Force). What are my chances of becoming qualified to enter BUD/s as an enlisted sailor?

    I understand these are not easy questions. I've asked my BGO, USAFA liaison officer and virtually anyone who I think might have answers for me. I really appreciate any help.

    One last piece of info: I got 11 out of 14 correct on the Ishara color vision test( the colored dots on the plates)
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    The fact is DoDMERB quals or Disquals. Branches waive.

    I understand you think that the AF Q will have an impact on the Navy, but they are sister services and the Navy thinks about their mission, which is different than the AF's.

    The Navy is concerned only with the Navy's mission, not the AF's mission.

    USNA or NROTC will request the waiver. They have their own parameters regarding granting the waiver.

    You just need to continue down this path to see if USNA will waive you. Nobody here, like your BGO or ALO sit on those boards. We can't give you either a :thumb: or :thumbdown:

    Sorry if that doesn't help, but it is important IMPO you understand the lack of answers is not the lack of wanting to assist you, it is more about the knowledge of how the waiver system works.

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