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Dec 13, 2008
It has been my dream to attend USMA and then go on to become a Ranger, since 5th grade that is. Unfortunately, since then I have discovered I am "color deficient."

I know one cannot go airborne if they are color blind, but since I am color deficient, do I have any shot?
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I am not sure this is dodmerb.

Color deficiency is not a dq for USMA or the Army - however, it may be for airborne.
I think this is an Army call not a dodmerb call and I don't know the answer.

It is true that one can be qualified for a service but then dq'd for a branch - for instance - aviation has their own physical standards.
Don't know about Ranger and Airborne though.
I would definetly think so for Airborne, since the lights in the plane for jumping are green and red. Red= no jump, green = jump. If you can't discern between these 2 than you could never be a jump master nor a jumper.

I would think Ranger would be the same, since it would limit the Army into which post they can send. Jumping is a volunteer position, as is Ranger, but it wouldn't make since for Ranger school to accept someone with limitations over the person who doesn't.

I would look at it this way, you can be in one specialty with limitations, but not in another part. I.E. be an SP with allergies, but not be an SP that is a part of the K-9 patrol.

Or you can be in acquisitions, with some hearing loss, but not in field artillery due to that loss. We have people in the AF that have many dq's for all sorts of reasons, but they are still in the AF, just serving in a different capacity. It happens quite frequently with fliers...they get in, but somewhere along the line something pops up and so they move over into a different world.
Pima, I understand what you are saying, but, regrettably, I have failed to provide all the information. I can tell the difference between red and green. It is other colors I have trouble with, such as, dark blues and purple and dark browns and greens.

Because my color deficiency is so little, that is why I thought I may have a chance.

Please respond if you have any information,
I would ask this question to Dodmerb to see if a waiver is needed.
Well dark green could be an issue if you use night vision goggles since the colors are green. Also, you would be jumping into territorities with enemies, they might want you to be able to distinguish between your desert bdu and the enemies ...can't do that if you can't distinguish browns, same for camos.

It can be that simple. it also can be as simple as getting a waiver. Adk MullenLE if it is waiverable.

DoDEMRB doesn't have anything to do with going Rangers or Airborne or Infantry.
This is handled by MEPS during the physical for branch entry.

USMA will issue waivers for color deficiency. You may be branch restricted, however.

1191 - read my post on your thread in the USMA forum. Found some info for you that *might* be helpful.
Okay. Thank you all again for your information and time.