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    I am slightly colorblind but not red/green. I really want to be a systems/weapons engineer in the navy. Would I be restricted and how so?
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    Since you posted in the USNA forum, I assume you are interested in exploring a career as a Navy officer via USNA.

    If you haven’t already, read every page, link and drop-down on You’ll find many answers there, including what career paths are available to Navy officers graduating from USNA.

    USNA gives a handful of color blindness waivers a year to highly competitive candidates. Those appointees know going in that they will only be able to serve in certain career paths.

    The DODMERB process is part of the physical qualification part of the process. They will either Q or DQ you based on the standard. Then it’s up to USNA if they want to waive you. I recommend browsing the DODMERB forum here on SAF, and reading the Stickies at the top.

    There are many threads on colorblindness here on SAF. Use the Search box to find them.

    Above all, go to primary sources for your most accurate answers.
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    Not sure what you mean by a systems/weapons engineer. There isn't really such a job -- at least not for junior officers coming out of USNA. If you mean a Civil Engineer (CEC), since they don't drive ships, I believe you could do that if you are color blind.

    The prohibition in the USN on those with color blindness is aviation, submarines and surface. You should be able to do most restricted line and staff corps jobs, which includes CEC. (You can Google to find what other Navy jobs fall into these categories). However, getting a CEC billet isn't guaranteed (even if colorblind). You typically need to major in engineering as a start. And then you have to be sufficiently competitive.

    If you're looking to design ships/weapons -- as noted, that's not going to happen right away for any junior officer. If you're looking to be in charge of weapons on ships, that's not going to happen if you're colorblind.
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    Just FYI, you do not need a waiver for color blindness at WP.