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    I am thinking of my possible DQ on the DoDMERB. I can not get many of the plates on the PIP and will most certainly fail that test. But when I take the D-15 test, the FALANT test, and the Vivid Test I pass with perfect scores everytime. I was wondering if any of the Academies would DQ me for not being able to pass the one test even if I can pass the others. Also, do the Doctors give you the chance to choose an alternate test if you fail the PIP test because I know my uncle has the same type of colorblindness yet he was an MP. Thanks in Advance.
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    I sometimes feel like I have spent countless hours researching this very specific subject.

    I still dont know much.

    Here is what I know....

    It depends.

    Anything with water is going to be a problem if you are colorblind, unless you have an amazing hook (are you an American Indian who speaks fluent Chinese and can pitch a 100 mile an hour fastball-if so than dont even worry about it).

    You can pay privately to take any test you want and submit it and it will be 'looked at' (that doesn't mean counted).

    Dodmerb is looking for ways to pass you not fail you.

    anything with air you might still get in but actually flying is another matter.

    anything on ground you are more likely to get in and have less limits in choice selection.

    Son passed vivid test ONLY. We didnt take the other tests because he wouldnt have passed them. I knew he was colorblind when he was 1 years old.

    Son was deemed AROTC qualified. He didnt want a service academy so didn't apply to one but I think he would have gotten USMA qualified. He wasn't special enough to have gotten USNA qualified. He wouldn't have been NROTC qualified.

    You MUST realize though the risks, if you somehow get USNA or USCGA or USMMA qualified, when you get there you will take vision tests again and if you read past history through these boards you will read unfortunate stories of those sent home on the first day for failing the color tests.

    When we got tripped up on some vision problems we contacted a dodmerb consultant who was helpful.

    Good luck.
    Colorblindness is so stinking unfair...
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    Color vision not perfect here, but I certainly saw what color my gold bar was when I had it pinned on my shoulder.

    During my Army ROTC physical, I failed the color blindness test as it was administered by the tech. They sent me down the hall to see the eye doctor. The eye doctor looked into my eyes, reached over and picked up a bottle of eye drops that had a red top on it. He held it up and asked me what color the lid was. I told him. He then asked me what color the lid on another bottle was. It was green. He said "You are color deficient, but not totally color blind. I'm passing you." They punished me for my color blindness by taking me into another room and jabbing my prostate with their finger. It was very unpleasant to say the least... but I passed. I expect they'll give you the same treatment.
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    LMAO! Hate to break it to you, but I think they treat everyone that way, colorblind or not. :shake:
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    I know this thread is a bit dated, but for future viewers considering the Air Force as an option, they will take you if you pass the PIP period.

    However, If your looking to fly in the USAF, any trouble on the PIP will show up on the new computerized test and you will be barred without waiver consideration from all aviation/spec ops duties.

    I can't speak to Army/Navy basic admission standards, but the aviation standards are more lax than the AF.

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